Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Weekend Getaway

The class of '76.
We plan a trip together at least once a year to the Dallas area.
The Oklahomians come south; the Texans come north.
This trip fell on OU weekend, so we veered left to Grapevine.
Home of great clothes shopping (Grapevine Mills Mall), boutique shopping (Main Street) and food (Main Street Bread Company. Two words: Brie Panini. Two More Words: Chocolate Croissant.)
First off, I think Heaven must have rooms like these little shops: soft music, great smells, fun purchases and coffee samples. Does it get any better on a perfect autumn afternoon?
Why, yes! We ate an evening meal at a restaurant that seated us outside by an open fire with food so good I wanted to say, "Stop talking for a second!" while I was eating it.
Like we ever stopped talking for three full days.
So, now our lives are sorted out and packed neatly away for our normal daily routines.
And what do I know for sure?
That old friendships (before we knew our husbands or had our children) are the best friendships.
We don't have to tell our background stories.
We don't have to explain things.
We just pick up where we left off last year.
And plan next year before we leave.
We're hoping to have a weekend that includes our 11 daughters next time.
Because we want them to get in on the blessing of long term friendships.