Sunday, September 23, 2012

Quantum Leap

Hello, Bloggy World! It's been a nine-month break in posting news from my little corner of the world. In that time, I've completed my first year as an elementary principal, finished all but two classes for my Master's Degree (completion date: December 8!) and continued having those unaccidental dates for over a year that have turned into an engagement. Yep: I'm getting married in December, after a journey through grief that began three and a half years ago.

Remarriage was certainly not something that I would ever have looked for. Many friends had told me I should consider dating again, but I told them God would have to send the guy to my door...and He did. R. literally came to my office door a year ago July to see if I'd like to go to lunch. We've eaten a lot of lunches and dinners together since then, and decided this future together is a perfect fit for both of us. He lost his wife going on two years ago. Our families knew each other and our children went to school together. Suffice it to say, there is a big grin on my face even as I am typing this.

I am blessed in this life, and so very grateful for the new future that is soon to be ahead of me.