Saturday, February 21, 2009

American "I" dol

I may have mentioned a time or twenty that I teach first graders. I remember taking a child development class in college that taught children at this age can be very self-centered. They could be in a huge stadium full of people and actually believe every single person is looking right at them. Enjoying their interpretive dances and applauding their stream of consciousness type songs. The problems sometime come when you have a roomful of children believing this at the same time.

So, occasionally I have to gently explain how the world works to a six year old who howls, "I DIDN'T GET A PAPER YET!" I tilt my head, smile, and in my best teacher chirp say, "What a coincidence! Neither has anyone else in this class!" Harsh world alert: First grade can be a time for learning you are not the axis that the world spins upon.

Tatianna, of Tuesday's American Idol elimination night? She has also apparently not discovered this fact. Maybe because I did not teach first grade in Puerto Rico. Yet.

She was one of nine eliminated. One of nine. Yet the cameras stayed glued to her face as she cried and cried...and cried, oblivious to the fact that there were others who had had their dreams shattered as well. I noticed that none of the other eliminated 8 wanted to hug her while the show's credits rolled. One former contestant went up and put a tentative finger on the emotional singer's shoulder. That was about all the support her self-centered display garnered.

Some of the first lessons we learn in grade one are to get along, share, do your best and forgive. Watching Tatiana's little fit on Idol? I'm thinking those lessons weren't learned by our girl yet. Maybe because I did not teach first grade in Puerto Rico. Yet.

Because obviously, Tatianna does not play well with others.

Wonder if she runs with scissors, too?

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