Sunday, March 8, 2009

Things I Forgot to Remember...

Recently, I was at a women's conference and the speaker was talking about a much anticipated cruise with several of her friends. The night before they sailed, she called on of her friends in a panic. "Tomorrow is the cruise. I forgot to get skinny!"

Life can be like that. I've had my nose down, immersed in motherhood for the past 24 years or so. One by one, the children have flown the nest to bigger and better things and I've looked up, startled, to realize: THERE IS NEW LIFE OUT HERE!

And one of the best parts? My lifelong friends are doing the same thing right now. All those children we raised together? They are beginning to get married and we are attending some precious weddings to celebrate the successful launch of our newlywed adult children.

Here's to Lauren and Brian: the happiest newlyweds on earth today.

And to Mary Ann and John for one of the sweetest most memorable weddings ever.

Life is good, isn't it? Past, Present and especially Future.

The newlyweds enjoying their first dance.

Father and Daughter dance

My precious friends...see you in May at Pat's daughter's wedding!

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