Monday, April 6, 2009

Happy "Bee-Day"!

We can take no credit for having birthdays. They just come around. Regularly. And the celebrations can be such a blessing. Above? Handmade cards given to me by my 19 six-year-old best friends who comprise O'Brien's First Grade Bumblebees. I think all this sweetness will be hanging on my refrigerator for a long time.
And a gift to myself: a half-day off to have lunch with Young Son who is a senior at Texas State University about 45 minutes from home. No Shave November turned into No Shave December-April (and counting), but isn't that the cutest face you've ever seen? I mean, most ruggedly handsome and manly.He's going to Costa Rica for study abroad this summer, and kidded that his new passport makes him look like a terrorist. Such a joy to this mom's heart to hear his future plans that are so full of hope and promise. Ahh. Isn't it great to see your children growing up well? (And time with the Family Dog made this a double blessing. Jenny the dog was raising a ruckus with doggie trash bark/talk when I drove up. Until she realized it was me and altered her noise level significantly. Always good to see you, girl!)
And a complete surprise showed up at my door Saturday morning early, in the form of my former teaching colleagues/present coffee friends. Quiche, caffeine and great conversation all around. Thanks special friends for the joy you bring into my life on a regular basis. To quote from the musical, "Wicked", "So much of me is made of what I learned from you: you'll be with me like a handprint on my heart." And Yee-Haw, we really do have cowboys in Texas, ya'll! Time with my favorite sister and brother-in-law at the famous Salt Lick barbeque. I'm thanking God for SpawGlass, Mark!
And my husband, who is the greatest gift giver in the world, got us tickets to see "Grease" in Georgetown at the Palace. A good time was had by all.
And a Sunday afternoon brunch at our favorite restaurant.
You know, I'm already so blessed by my family and friends that none of this was necessary to prove their love. I know and feel that on a daily basis. But what a wonderful weekend!
Turning That Age was not bad.
Not bad at all.

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melanieb said...

Sounds like a great Birthday! So here's one more wish.... HAAAAAAAAAAPPPPPPPPPPPYYYYYYYYYY Birthday! Hope it's the start of your best year yet!