Sunday, August 8, 2010

Gone Country

Summer is rapidly coming to a close, and this last weekend I took a final road trip before the classroom lures me back to unpack boxes and staple bulletin board paper. (I'd say "move desks around", but they, alas, have not arrived yet.)

I visited different friends in the same rural area of north central Texas. It is located in a valley that is beautiful for its sweeping views and peaceful surroundings.
My first stop was at the country home of a couple who have been my friends for almost 25 years. We had our children at the same time, and walked through some of life's greatest trials together. This is a view of their porch. When I've visited with these precious friends, I always leave feeling caught up, and as if my life is sorted out. Thanks P & C for a lovely time!
A few miles down  some paved and  dirt roads  was my next destination. 

32 years ago I pledged a sorority at college, and six of the former members were invited to K's country home to reconnect and reminisce.
Here is a picture of the sunrise over her pasture...
...and a sunset over her pool.

But the best view of all?

Scroll down...
My precious friends who came from as far away as Colorado and Tennessee.

We talked and laughed, and it seemed like only days had passed since we'd last been together.

I know that I cannot take credit for having such wonderful friends in my life. God has surely blessed me with so many precious people throughout the years, and I am very grateful.

We told our stories and realized we would never have imagined the roads that our lives would have taken us down when we were sitting in our third floor dorm rooms dreaming of the future.  There have been many hardships and trials, but the end of each tale is that God has been faithful to each one of us. 

I'd love to share their stories, but they aren't mine to tell. Let me just say that I am privileged to know such strong and amazing women. 

Thanks, friends, for a relaxing and refreshing weekend.  And let's do it again. Soon.

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