Monday, September 6, 2010

Wonderful Weekend

This weekend, Loyal Sister and I went to "Trade Days" in Wimberly. (If you are central Texas locals, you really should meander on down there some first Saturday of the month.) The weather was almost cool, and I'm beginning to believe that our hot summer has lost its deathlike grip on this area of the country.
What is not to love about these quaint displays? Doesn't this make you want to explore?
Or buy big, chunky turquoise jewelry? (No, thank you very much.)
Alas, the puppies were not for sale. Just tired husbands hoping they'll make it home for the University of Texas game. 

After we filled my van, Loyal Sister and I drove on down the road to a wonderful place called the Nutty Brown Cafe for sandwiches without peer: SBLTs (blackened salmon BLTs) and Fajita sandwiches on focaccia. Refreshed, we drove back into Austin for a tour of some of our favorite antique stores where we made a startling discovery: there were many displays of 70s furniture nestling their way into these hallowed halls. This is just wrong on many levels. First off, it's the furniture of our teenaged years. How can that be considered antique? And secondly: 70s furniture is just dark, chunky and ugly. A bad era of decorating that did not stand the test of time. I cannot even imagine a college student considering it retro-cool. (And I'm sure I've dated myself with that adjective, but PEOPLE: the 70s were not a pretty time!)

Sunday I got up and drove to a town two hours north for the happiest of occasions. Almost 24 years ago, I hosted a shower for my special friend P. Her baby grew up to be a lovely young woman who is now having a baby of her own.
Don't you just love those full circles of life? S looked glowing and the shower was such a special time to connect with old friends and remember when.
Here is S with her precious sister, A, who designs my blogs. A was in my first grade class and now has a daughter who is nearing that age!  So proud of these sweet girls and the wonderful lives they've created for their sweet families.
(And let's not forget the guest of honor who will make his appearance sometime in October: Baby Nolan.)

And today? A lazy Labor Day at home. I have some friends coming to help do some minor repairs. Sweet friend, fellow teacher, and  co-Ireland wanderer, B, has called to ask me to go see a movie later on this afternoon. Yes, please!

I don't even know how to describe to you how this weekend felt to me. One thing I learned about grieving for the last year is that it is very tiring. It takes a lot of energy to heal from a loss. To be up and around and doing so many great things in one weekend makes me feel like I'm getting back to my old self in many ways. As I've worked through a year of saying goodbye to D, I realize I'm beginning to say hello to my new life. And that new life? It seems to be a full and happy one.

I have so many good friends that I've known since high school and college. And more that I've acquired on this road of life. I have a job I love at an exemplary school. My colleagues are a joy to work with. And, HELLO! I teach seven-year olds who love learning. My house remodel is almost complete, and mi casa is a very comfortable and cozy place to live. I have been able to travel a lot (my favorite thing to do!) this past year with family members. Maybe, just maybe, the cool and refreshing fall weather is blowing in just as my new life is taking off. 

 Because, isn't the promise that "surely goodness and mercy will follow me all the days of my life..."?

 And that's the promise for your life, too.

Have a Happy Labor Day.


Buttercup said...

Thanks for sharing your weekend. I definitely could go for a BSLT today. Sounds yummy. Loved the shower pictures. What a wonderful and special time. Will be going to a bridal shower for a dear friend's niece in October and remember co-giving my friend's shower 20+ years ago...Now I'm home getting lots of little things done, which feels so good.

Dawn said...

What a wonderful weekend you had!

And the reminder of the promise at the end of your post? Very much needed and appreciated today.

Be blessed, this short school week!