Sunday, November 7, 2010


I have decided that any extra money I have will be spent on travel and musical entertainment. Those are two interests I love the most.

Today, I went to see Broadway Across America's "Shrek: The Musical" with sweet friend, S. We clapped, we laughed, we sang along. And a good time was had by all.

We decided to memorialize the afternoon with a snapshot. Taken by a stranger. Who kept saying, "It's so good! It's so good!"

Ahem. I think she must have been talking about the musical.

Next up? "Radio City Christmas Spectacular: The Rockettes".

Dates me? Yes. Do I care? Can't wait!


Craig Weeks said...

We saw Shrek on Friday and we will be 2 days ahead of you (again) for the Rockettes. We were most impressed with the costumes at Shrek. You can see other comments on my 2 photos in my "The The-ay-tuh" photo album on Facebook.

I am so glad we finally figured out where the good seats are in our price range at Bass (those wings that hang out on the wall in the second balcony).

Buttercup said...

That's been my decision. I add theater, in general and I'm happy with it. Radio City? Does that mean a return trip to NYC?

Dawn said...

When we lived in Illinois, we attended the Rockettes show every single year! We always attended the very first show - a matinee the day after Thanksgiving. It always seemed to be the perfect kick off to the Christmas holiday.

It was wonderful to see you in church yesterday. Let me know what days/times you have coming up to meet for coffee.

Be blessed!

Lynn said...

Sounds like fun! If I lived close by I would love to join you:-)

Locketts said...

The first line of your blog is my new mantra in life. Thanks! Can't wait until the hubby is out of law school so there can be a little more of both:)

Nicola said...

Romi and I saw Shrek this Sunday also! Great minds think alike! We were way up in the nose bleed section just in case "little sister" was scared. I imagine there is not a bad seat in the house!