Sunday, August 28, 2011

First Week

My school was fortunate enough to have a three-day first week. That's enough time to get excited, crash, rest over the weekend, and return ready to go (hopefully) the following Monday morning for week two.

My first days were ones of reality:

  • Seeing the tiny tables set up in the cafeteria for the Pre-K class reminded me how precious and little some of our students are.

  • Hearing a kindergartner tell a friend, "Watch this: she knows me!" and then calling my name so I'd wave and prove it. (And my prayer every day is to learn ALL these names and faces quickly.)

  • Realizing there are days I don't get to sit down at my desk to do paperwork until 4:00 pm. (But the face time with students, teachers and parents is my favorite part of the job.)

  • Finishing a long list of email answers and hitting refresh to see 20 more emails were added since I began.

But the hardest reality? An armed bank robbery that put our school in a real Lock-down Friday afternoon. Of course everyone was safe and sound, but the realization of being responsible for all these precious children was very sobering. The teachers shared what the students said as the Lock-down continued long enough for everyone to realize it was not a drill. (My favorite? An eight-month pregnant teacher of seven year-olds. One little boy, after three days of school, finally got up the nerve to ask her, "What's wrong with your stomach?" When she answered she was having a baby, three other boys quickly added,"We were so glad he asked. We'd been wondering the same thing!" )

Week two begins tomorrow. Can't wait!

(And PS to those following my run-on sentences these days: anotherone.)


Dawn said...

Loved hearing a few of the details from week one. How did I miss the lockdown on Friday? The high school was never locked down, to my knowledge.


Ha ha!!!

Be blessed!

Amy said...

You know I'm watching for run on sentences and not just bc I'm a teacher. :) Happy you had a great week!

Amy said...

You know I'm watching for run on sentences-and not just bc I'm a teacher. :) So happy you had a great first week. May many great weeks follow.

Sarah said...

Oh, that's hilarious about the boys worrying about their teacher's giant belly. Glad you enjoyed your first week. A lock-down on the first week? Wow,sounds like a lot of excitement.

AngAK said...

happy new school year! the lockdown reminded me of my grandson who was really affected by the lockdown at their school. He now worries about things, especially bad news stories. they have to really keep him from hearing bad news or he will fret about it for days and days. maybe watch out for kids and stress for a few weeks.

AngAK said...

oh, and YAY for your "runonsentence" ! woohoo