Saturday, September 24, 2011

Lots of Misc.

  • I've long thought one question I'd ask God when I make it to heaven would be, "What was up with my hair and feet on earth?" I've posted often about my hair, which, during humid Texas weather, had its own zip code. And the feet? How many grown women do you know that wear the same size as her elementary students? People kept assuring me my feet would grow during pregnancy, so that some day I could actually buy heels. To the contrary: my tootsies only grew wide and stretched out the shoes I already had. But suddenly? The Chi hot iron and bob have made my hair manageable and (could it be?) stylish almost every day. And the feet? I walked into Macy's today and discovered I can wear a woman's size five heel. And the angels sang a Happy Song.

  • A mentor elementary principal friend of mine warned me this summer the age group that would visit my principal's office most often would be the kindergartners. She said if they can be trained at five, you will not see them as fifth graders. I was a little skeptical of that prediction, but she was spot on: my office is inundated by kindergartners almost every day. I spend lots of time on the floor handing small pieces of tape to my small friends who have ripped up their papers in frustration. I often have them call their parents to explain why they are visiting the principal's office. (Before they take the receiver, they usually give me a frown and say, "You are about to get me in a lot of trouble!" I usually have to cover my mouth to hide my smile.)

  • Our head of school is over six feet tall; I am just over five feet in my newly acquired heels. One first grader told me her teacher told the class they could not refer to me as the "little principal" anymore.

  • Knowing some of you are scanning for the crowded words found at the end of most posts lately: includinggrownchildreninmeetingsthisweek.

And off to another wonderful week among my 525 small best friends...


Dawn said...

My man is on vacation this week and we had breakfast out this morning - and I mentioned that you were on my mind and wondered if there'd be a new "coded message" soon.

Blessings, friend!

V....Vaughan said...

Oh, I wish I had not seen your nametag the other day, because now I forgot how to spell your name....I do know there is no capital A...Rayeanne..or Rayeann...I amgoing with the e at thend because it looks right :)
....I think

Anonymous said...

I know how you feel.......when I would walk my class down the hall sometimes I'd stand in the middle or toward the back of the line....and other kids or the teacher of another passing class would ask, "Where's your teacher?"

My feet aren't the problem, but my body frame. I can buy in the girls department for some things, but am limited because of the style... obviously!

Try Hair One at Sally's beauty supply for your hair. I just heard great things about it recently and will be buying some soon.

Keep up the good work with those Kinders......if my son was in your school or elsewhere, he would be one of your "regular" friends. That's why I homeschool. Now he has to call or text daddy when he's out of sorts!!

I pray that you truly "enjoy" the journey as this new chapter of your life unfolds.

Sarah said...

The Little Principal? I love it!

I'm sorry I can't sympathize about the feet. Try having gargantuan Sasquatch feet instead. (Size 10).

I was supposed to be really tall like my mom, but instead I just got her big feet.