Friday, November 14, 2008


Recently, one of my former students invited me to see HSM3 with her.

Well, YES!

That weekend it had set all kinds of records for tickets sold. We went on a Monday evening and we were the only 4 customers in the theater. Obviously, the HSM3 crowd is a bit younger than the usual audience: this was a school night and that limits attendance. Good for us: we had the place to ourselves to sing, laugh clap and cheer!

I'm new to the phenomenon that is HSM. I wondered if I'd understand it since I'd missed 1 and 2. Not to worry. Troy and Gabrielle apparently picked up where they left off, and I was swept into the party like I'd been invited all along.

To be honest? If M had not invited me, I probably would not have attended the movie. I found it funny that there were adults a teeny bit jealous that they did not have someone like M to invite them. They felt like they had no legitimate reason to go alone. Need some reasons?

Well, Troy and the boys can sing. They can dance. They can look intense at all the right moments.They can warble lyrics like this and make you believe:

"This is the last time to get it right,
This is the last chance to make it or not.
We got to show what we're all about:
Work together!
This is the last chance to make your mark:
History will know who we are.
This is the last game so make it count:
It's now or never!"

So, thanks M, Troy and Gabrielle for an evening of pure magic.


Anonymous said...

You are so funny. When M read this she said, "why did she call me "M". We did have a blast that night. I'm so glad you had an excuse to go and we were honored to have you with us!!!!

Anonymous said...

oops. that was form me. I'm not trying to be secretive.