Monday, January 26, 2009

On the threshold of dreams...

Have you ever seen so much happiness in one small picture?

This is my dear friend, M, with her three lovely daughters: A, L and K.
M and I were college roommates, stood at each other's weddings and raised our babies together. Now those babies are all grown and going out into the world to do Great Things. All at one time, it seems!

This photo was snapped Sunday at a wedding shower for L. She is getting married in March and beginning a new life as a wife.

K is graduating from high school in May, and waiting to hear from colleges to see what the fall holds for her.

A is graduating from college in May and weighing out her options in the film industry. (And wasn't it just yesterday she was in my kindergarten class?)

I think my favorite thing about growing older is watching children grow up well in the Lord. Journeying toward that future and hope that He has for each one of them.

This is one family that has trained up three beautiful girls in the ways that they should go. They've all run well the race that has been set before them. And I know that they will continue to press on toward their goals.

Thank you for sharing your joy with a room full of family and friends. We can't wait to see your futures continue to unfold before you. You've blessed us all mightily over the years. Godspeed, A, L and K. We rejoice with you all.

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