Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Didn't Get Picked For Jury Duty

A friend recently sent me this link. It is by a teacher who recommends that all teachers blog. He contends that a blog will teach us what we think. I so get that. To sit down and type out a stream-of-consciousness series of thoughts about the day captures exactly what I am really feeling. A blog is not some carefully polished facade that would crumble under thoughtful inspection. These mundane musings? They are about as real as I can get.

With that in mind, I'd like to share my experience with jury duty on Monday. I can almost hear the clicks of the cursors as you escape to a more interesting bloggy destination.

I got up at my usually early time on Monday, made coffee, read the paper, had my quiet time and did my GriefShare daily assignment. Nothing out of the ordinary there. Decided to get to the town where my jury takes place early enough that I could have breakfast out. (Hello, Monument Cafe with your gingerbread pancakes and peppered bacon!) When I got in the car I glanced at the printed Summons, and realized I did not have to be there until 9 am, not 8 am as I had thought. Hmmm. No problem: more time for a few more cups of coffee. I can be flexible like that.

I drove 15 miles north to the parking lot of said restaurant, conveniently located by the courthouse,  and decided I better look at that Summons one more time to make sure there were no more surprises. 9am: check. Monday: check. September 21...and then a gnawing moment of panic began to wash over me. Hmmm. Today was September 14. I was exactly a week early, and there was not a substitute teacher waiting in my first grade classroom 30 miles south of where my body now resided. That sub was scheduled for September 21. WHICH WAS NOT TODAY.

Traffic, of course, picks up as the time gets later in the morning. I headed south as quickly as possible knowing the first bell would ring at 7:35 am and someone needed to be there to unlock the door to welcome by 19 six-year-old best friends. My calls to the front office and staff were answered by machines promising to "get right back to me." Drat. Called another teacher who was also stuck in traffic, but a few exits ahead of me. She promised to find someone to mind the store until I got there.

I was only about 5 minutes late, with a racing heart and a head full of total disorientation because I was not prepared mentally for a day in the classroom. (Physically I was more than fine, because I always leave extremely detailed substitute plans and materials. Except there was no sub this Monday. Ahem.)

Deep breath. Big smile. Dismiss slightly disappointed student teachers who were filling in for me and hoping for a little more time of being in charge of a Real Classroom. And we're off! The beginning of the day is always like being shot out of a cannon. You work all day without nets (except those wonderful substitute plans I had prepared in more detail than necessary). And when I turned around? The final bell of the day was ringing. And I was more than ready to go home and rest up.

For jury duty next Monday.


Craig Weeks said...

OK, dear readers, who else could make *not* going to jury duty interesting? Hmmm?

Lynn said...

I just have to say I'm so sorry you missed out on the gingerbread pancakes and peppered bacon, sounds awesome to me!! Maybe next week, right. Love how real you are.

asteinocher said...

5 minutes late.... panic calling, calling everyone you can think of to inform them you are late...and it will be just a FEW more minutes!

( get the, dot dot dot, my favorite way to communicate my stream of conscioussness.....!!)
WELCOME TO MY WORLD!!!! YOU HAVE VISITED and I am sure you have now left as this is not your norm:)

Sorry you had to experience one of my days( insert laughing guy rolling on the floor).
YES it is ~A

Buttercup said...

I could definitely do the same. I sat at a bus stop where no buses would go by for two days. I may have to come to Texas for the gingerbread pancakes.

Locketts said...

So you didn't get the gingerbread pancakes? That's really heartbreaking.