Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Let It Be

Today, I had to take a half day off school for a dentist's appointment. It was the only way to get one during the month of September. There was a little pain going on in the mouth and the appointment girl called "stat". Lean in and I'll tell you a little secret.

I had not been to the dentist since D got sick. Somehow his medical needs were so pressing, my preventatives did not make the list.

In my defense, I never had so much as a cavity until I was in my forties. And that first and only cavity? She was a doozie. Required a root canal and a crown. Made me thankful for the good teeth genes of all my Swedish relatives. Because that drill? Not welcome in this mouth.

Anyhoo, I was really dreading this visit. I was convinced that Something Big Was Wrong with my teeth. This is very unusual for me. I usually live in a land called Fine, Fine, Everything is FINE! and worrying is not on my daily to-do list.

The dental assistant began our visit by taking my blood pressure with an automatic cuff.  And, my usually low BP was marginally high. Next, she turned on a lap top screen positioned in front of my face to show the digital x-rays she was taking. 18 digital shots later, and my entire mouth was on display, tooth by tooth. When did all this dental innovation take place? Oh, that's right: during my five year absence from my dentist's office.

The dentist came in to view the digital images on the screen. (Remember when we used to say view the films? That is so five years ago, apparently.) And I felt myself  duck and cover for his bad news: My teeth...need to be...cleaned. CLEANED? That's all?

As I uncurled from my fetal position in the chair, I realized there was not the tiniest shred of my being or mouth that expected good news today. In fact, I was apparently anticipating dental holocaust.  And I was surprised by joy in the form of no drills, no dental intervention and no more interruptions to my school schedule. (Except that I was called up for jury duty for the first time in my life for Monday. But that is another blog.)

Resolved: to actively start looking for good things to happen. 

Like the Beatles to re-release a digital version of their originally recorded songs remastered. For stores to actually stock enough of these CDs so that there is not a run on them. Or for Yoko to admit she was part of the problem.

Re-Resolve: to actively start looking for realistic good things to happen.


Buttercup said...

I am so happy for you. The top of my list tomorrow is a dentist appointment and I will be hopeful to hear such good news. I inherited the worst teeth and have had every dental procedure in the universe, but blessedly I can chew and smile!

Anonymous said...

Been there, done that.... Hope your dental office has flat screen tvs in each room with cable tv (like mine) to watch as your teeth are given a spa treatment! ( ; My kids think this is NORMAL!

Craig Weeks said...

Full point for working in that shot at Yoko.

Lynn said...

I must be totally out of the dental loop! Never have seen this yet. Maybe we don't have this technology in Canada or perhaps I haven't been to the dentist lately either. I was thinking I need to make an appointment for a cleaning. Now I want to see if he is an up to date dentist or not!! I got bad teeth genes too, until I was in my middle 20s and since then haven't had much problem. Have a good Friday!

Dawn said...

I'm like you... I can skip the dentist for, well... a very long time and only need a good cleaning. My hubby, on the other hand, can think about getting a cavity and he gets one.

So glad it was a good visit for you!