Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Semi-Snow Day

This was the view of our playground yesterday... ...and from the porch of my portable classroom. 
If you are not from central Texas, you cannot even imagine the joy this sight brings! It snowed ALL DAY yesterday, and we were all just a little giddy from excitement. (When it began, Young Son texted me "Are the natives getting a little restless in your classroom?!" Yes, he has watched me be a teacher, lo these many years, and enjoyed my classroom stories around the dinner table.)
When it first started snowing some of the biggest flakes I have ever seen, the entire school poured out onto the playground. I took my class out about four different times, with warm-ups in the room in-between. You have never seen such unbridled happiness in all your life! (There was even a woman who subs often for me who came to the school just to be part of the fun.)
All the districts around us had early release yesterday. Except the district I teach in. (We have a new superintendent from Minnesota who probably thought we were all stark raving mad, but we do not have road crews ready for ice in central Texas because there is do you say it?...ICE around here.) 
All the districts around us had late start today. Except the district I teach in. But the district I live in was icy. Even 20 miles north can make a huge difference on elevated tollways. So, I called a half day sub, and had a few more cups of coffee this morning. And lingered a little longer over my newspaper and quiet time.
I had worried about what I'd do on an ice day now that D is gone. It wasn't like he could do anything when he was here, but it was comforting to know that there was a back up plan. I think my new plan is to avoid icy roads using personal time off. That may sound obvious to you, but it brought a huge weight off of my shoulders.
And now, back to school this morning. It won't be the magical place of falling snow today, but it will contain the magical students with the bright-eyed wonder of the world. Can't wait to hear their stories.

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Lynn said...

I am so glad someone somewhere can get so excited about SNOW!! To be fair even the kids here who see it every winter get excited when they see the first snowfall of the year. Not this grandma, I've seen way too much of it over the years and would just as soon have green grass and sunshine all year. At least I think I would like that but then I have never experienced it, maybe it's not as wonderful as I think it would be! LOL Have a great day!