Saturday, February 27, 2010

Hooked on Phonics

Today, I heard those most familiar words in my first grade classroom:

"Ommmmm! I'm telling! You said the "e" word!"

Well. I'm familiar with the dreaded "s" word. (Shut up.) But the bad "e" word? I was intrigued and tuned into this little conversation.

"I heard you! You said the "e" word!"

"I did NOT!"

"Yes, you did! You said "idiot" and I'm telling."

And with that, she stomped her little feet over to my table.

We'll be reviewing the short "i" sound on Monday.


Dawn said...

LOL... This made me grin. Remind me when we finally get to have coffee to tell you about a conversation I had with my son when he was in the 2nd grade about the bad word he *thought* he said.

Have fun with the short i lesson!

Buttercup said...

Wrong vowel, but good sentiment.
I can just about guarantee that the heavy half frozen slush will be gone in April. It's pretty rare that we get snow in April. Lots of rain, and the temperatures can go down in the 40s, but snow is just about gone by April 1. Bring an umbrella and some good walking shoes, and you should do fine. It's a great time to be in NYC.

Sarah said...


Lynn said...

Hilarious! Why am I not surprised it was a little girl about to tell. That happened many times in my own home, 2 big brothers was almost more than she could stand!! lol