Monday, April 12, 2010

Virtual Scrapbooking

A few years ago, I was in the midst of a deep philosophical discussion with myself: "To scrapbook or not to scrapbook?", that was the question. Until I attended a Scrapping Soiree with a room full of hardcore scrappers. One lady admitted that she'd go to Target, find a darling, brightly colored outfit for her toddler, and then go next door to Michael's to buy matching scrapbook papers and stickers. Later, she'd go home with her props and stage her daughter in  pre-thought-out layouts. 

It was then  I knew that if I entered the Wonderful World of Scrapbooking, I would never recover. Because I could easily be That Girl.

So, it was no surprise that I found myself in Walmart yesterday composing a consumer-themed  blog in my mind as I shopped for food and a trip to New York. (Felt good to drop that phrase.) There was a running mental monologue about "travel sized" ( 4 oz Carry-on Ready!) contact lens solution that cost twice as much as the 10 ounce size. Salt-free soup that cost three times the amount of regular soup to leave the salt out.  Wildly expensive,  premeasured 100-calorie snack packages, like we are incapable of measuring out our own snacks. Just a little continual consumer commentary in measured, pithy phrases. 

I think I have become That Girl, in a bloggy medium. (And I just read that Lil' Wayne (and what is up with his teeth?) is blogging from prison during his incarceration for loaded guns on the tour bus. Our tax dollars at work.)

But here's the deal: I think blogging is cheaper than therapy. I seem to be working my life out through the reflection that leads to the posts. (And OH! the ones that don't make it through the filter to the "publish post" button.)

I read an article recently about a large group of senior citizens who were asked, "If you could change one thing about your past, what would it be?" The overwhelming answer was that they would have spent more time slowing down and reflecting on their lives. Thinking it over, sorting it out, committing the happy things to memory.

And after all: isn't that what blogging is?

And I don't have to buy matching paper and stickers.


Locketts said...

Good blogging means living a 'writerly life', just like Lucy says. You're just practicing what you teach. It's free therapy and you get instant gratification through comments. What's not to love? Josh has even started pointing out blog-worthy moments. As far as the matching stickers, just leave those fancy (free) headers up to me.

Sarah said...

I feel the same way. My husband thinks it's a waste of time, right up there with mindless web surfing. But I think it's therapy, scrapbooking, and contemplation, plus 100 other things.

I'm always thinking in terms of blog entries, too! My family knows That Look when they see it. Even my three-year-old says, "You should put this on your blog, Mommy."

For the record, some of us really can't measure out our sweets. But then, there's nothing stopping us from eating a second (or third) 100-calorie bag, is there?

Craig Weeks said...

Well, you probably are the prime beneficiary of your blog. But we, your loyal readers, run a close second.

Dawn said...

You know you have it bad for blogging when something will happen around the house and one or both of the kids will yell, "Do NOT put that on your blog." And, they get a little nervous with the camera now, too, as in, "Is this picture just for US or is it for your blog?" I keep telling them they'll thank me one day when they realize what a treasure trove of memories I have! LOL

Lynn said...

I must admit, I too have had times as I live life just minding my own business when I think, this would make a good post. I am not as diligent as you are in posting. I love to read blogs and I'm glad that those I follow post more often than I do!:o)

I started scrapbooking and enjoyed it but have never felt compelled to match paper and stickers to outfits!! That's hilarious! Notice that statement was past tense, haven't done any in quite a while. I like the idea of scrapbooking, all the papers, stickers and accessories but don't seem to get anything in an album.