Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I have been on a bloggy break finishing up some loose ends in my life.

I finished editing the pictures of my trip to Pennsylvania/D.C./New York with Married Daughter and Loyal Sister.
Finished this fun fondue before leaving Married Daughter/Loyal Son-in-Law's home to return to Texas.
Finished looking at the car's thermometer for the remainder of this hot spell blanketing Texas upon my return.
Finished Young Son's four loads of laundry on his last visit home. (PS: He lives in my town and knows how to do laundry; he also knows Mom can be a soft touch. That is why he shows up at dinners with bulky, bulging bags...)
Finished arranging D's shelf in his study with all my favorite mementos.
Finished moving to my new principal's office. This is the wall I face from my desk. You may notice the beautiful picture on the wall. Let's take a closer look:
This wonderful piece of art was made for me by my last classroom in May. It fills me with The Happy each time I look at it.
Finished my desktop. (My students gave me a class picture made the last week of school and made me promise to put it in my new office. Promise finished!)
Finished hanging the picture Married Daughter drew when she was 18. I hope you click on it to see the details. She is an amazing artist and and attended the school where I am again working. She learned so much from the school's former art teacher (V.....Vaughan). It is a reminder of the many rich blessings this school poured over my children and family since first entering it in 1995. I'm ready to give back with all my heart.
Finished hanging this above my desk to remind me of the influence we can have on others. I've mentored a precious teacher for the past several years, and she made this for me. It shows her first three classes, and the words say, "Thanks for believing in me, so I can believe in them." (Reaching for the Kleenex. Thanks, E.)
Finished hanging family pictures, because what office is complete without them?

Do you know what the best part of finishing is?

New Beginnings.



Dawn said...

Woohoo! I'll be by SOON to see your office in person. And, we'll set up that lunch date.

So very excited for you!

Nicola said...

Everything looks so very nice! I'm glad you are enjoying the new job and hopefully we can swing by and take you to lunch soon!

Sarah said...

What an amazing picture your daughter drew. And I LOVE the picture(s) from the teacher you mentored. I wish you could have mentored me when I started teaching. Maybe I would have stayed in it.

Thank you for giving so much and making such an impact on the children God has brought into your path.

Buttercup said...

You've used your bloggy break well. I love seeing the pictures of your office and know you will do wonderful work there. Hope to get together next time you are in New York.

Hope you had a great Fourth weekend!

Anonymous said...

So glad your beginning got off to a great start with all your special treasures!! I know it will bless you throughout this year. Love ya girl!!
Patty R.