Thursday, July 31, 2008

Mama Mia! Here we go again...

Surely you have seen the great girlfriend movie of summer, "Momma Mia!" At least once.
I saw it first with my husband. It was a sold out theater with a only a handful of men in the audience. The crowd went wild. The second time was for my sister's birthday. Again, full of women who were friends totally loving the show.
The third time was today with teacher friends. Women just "get" this movie . Because it really is about who we are: mothers, daughter and friends.
We couldn't resist posing outside. I'm taking the picture of M, S and B taking a Facebook-type shot for posterity. (Note to our embarrassed college aged children viewing this: we can still be taught new things.)
And I'm sure we'll go back.
With a bigger crowd next time.

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jaye p said...

So it is really good, huh? I called our theater and they are planning a girls night out on the 18th....this should be FUN! Jaye