Friday, August 1, 2008

The vision is yet for the appointed time...

My little sister, R, has always had a passion for all things cowboy. We were born and raised in Texas and this seemed like a natural progression. It began as a little hobby that has turned into a desire to have a business selling vintage cowboy merchandise.
But, along the way, R has been busy for the past 7 years helping take care of family members: our grandmother, uncle, my husband and my aunt. This summer, things began settling down a little in the natural and stirring up in the spiritual. R decided to step out and begin her business in a local antique mall.
Today her husband, M, took a day off to build the booth she designed. My husband, D, brought a congratulatory plant and moral support. And I helped R set up the store within a store.
Don't you love it when you've anticipated something for years and you get to see it come about (quickly!) with your own eyes? So, here's to R: Congratulations and may God shower favor on your dreams.
If you're in Georgetown, Texas stop by Collector's Mart. It will be easy to find her area: it's the part where the heavens are opened above and shining on vintage cowboy dreams. Because God's in the business of giving us the desires of our heart.

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V....Vaughan said...

Hi R....I want to see this store!WHere exactly is it in G-town??