Sunday, August 10, 2008

And a friend's a friend forever...

Among some of my most precious possessions are friends I made in high school. Some 30 odd years later, we still get together as often as we can. Email and IMing have made contact easier, as three of us still live in central Texas. Two have moved too far north to Oklahoma.

We've all either been, or presently are, teachers. Some of us have even taught together at the same school. A few have recently started new careers as home stagers and realtors.

Between us, we have 17 children: 13 girls and 4 boys. All of them have gone to college except the 2 still in high school. (And they are headed that way.) 6 have already graduated from college and 4 did graduate school, too. We have great kids and are rightfully very proud of them. Empty nesting has gotten easier as our children have begun to find their own places in the world.

The picture above? A's son married my daughter last fall. The first wedding among our quintet. (M said that she'd like to get in on some of this co-mother-in-lawing among friends. Now, my son DID kiss one of her daughters when the were in kindergarten together. But that was 16 years ago and apparently the spark did not light up. Yet.)

We were told that if you want to look younger in pictures, you should (A) have the picture taken from above or (B) lift your chin up. We chose the latter in the above shot from the wedding reception of K and J.

My daughter K said it makes us look like Bobbleheads. Drat.

So, here's the more "natural version" of my beautiful friends. And here's to 30 more years of trips, laughter, memories and good neck shots.


Craig Weeks said...

My lifelong friends are from college. You know the one. Such friendships are a blessing beyond measure.

Anonymous said...

Let me guess: Howard Payne University in Brownwood, Texas. Does it get any better than that school?