Monday, August 4, 2008

Can you stand any more great news?

Well, today Santa (in the disguise of Wayne from the Medical Supply Store) delivered D's new sporty scooter to our home. A bright fire engine red, it would have glowed nicely under the lights of a Christmas tree. But we'll take it in August!

You may remember that D got the adaptations to his van last week so that he can drive with hand controls. He can drive. And now he can scoot. Does life get any better than this?

It's been a long year since D's surgery. During that time, wonderful members of our church showed up one Saturday morning and called out, "Good Morning, O'Brien family!" And Extreme Floor Makeover was underway. In one day they leveled the floor of our 70s sunken family room so that Dave and his walker could have a level path. Now Dave and his scooter have a level path.

Wayne showed us the finer points of D's new "Go-Go" scooter. It has a basket, a fast and slow speed (shown by a rabbit and a turtle icon) and a place for attachments. (Details to follow.) But wait: there's more. The "Go-Go" comes with additional replacement parts so that D can "Pimp His Ride": the red bumpers and side panels can be changed to blue or (wait for it:) silver, if the mood hits.

Dave scooted around the house. It is a tight ride with a 34 inch turning radius. It breaks into 4 pieces that can easily be put in his van. It boggles the mind to imagine the field trips we can now embark upon.

Dave has been online to check out the options available for his model. There are cupholders (he said he may get two: one for him and one for me when he takes me for a walk), walker and crutch holders, saddlebags and a trunklike basket for the back. (There are also warnings: Do not drink while driving the scooter. Do not walk your dog with a leash while scooting. Please let me know if he asks to borrow your dog.)

So, in two weeks I head back to school and Dave heads back to an active life. Toward the plans that He still has for us. To give us a future and a hope. And we are so very grateful.


jaye p said...

That is absolutely AWESOME!!! The "go go" looks great! God is good all the time! Jaye

Craig Weeks said...

Well, that is great news. I would want to pimp it out with some kind of after-market device that would make it really loud ... at least when I *wanted* it to be loud.

Oh, and we don't have a dog.

Jan said...

I am so excited for the both of you. Freedom rings! Thanks for sharing and I am so glad that you two are able to move to the next phase! God is so good and takes care of every need! PRAISE HIM!
Love ya,
Jan (m.a. sister)

Terry said...

I have a dog that could take care of herself in the situation, and then some.

Please! Ask to borrow her! Go ahead! ") T.