Saturday, May 22, 2010

Not the movie starring Kate Beckinsale...

I  love to write blog posts. 

Really, I do.

So why don't I post more often these days? It is because of a natural phenomenon called "The Last Days of School". Every day we are handed yet another long and detailed list of What Must Be Done Right Now to finalize the year via paperwork.

As one teacher recently commented, "I could easily get this job done if it weren't for all these students hanging out in my room!" Irony? Much.

With my few free brain cells, I think about what I'll do this summer vacation. Which begins after SEVEN MORE SCHOOL DAYS. (I enjoyed that. A lot.)

I have a friend who always prays for serendipities when she is on vacation. The definition of "serendipity" is "making fortunate discoveries by accident". (Note: this is not like finding out Hobby Lobby already has its Christmas wreaths out in May. 'Cause nothing says Ho-Ho-Holiday like fake greenery seven months before it is needed.) 

Where was I? Oh, yes: my friend and prayers for serendipities. She prays, and then she actively looks for them. Like a trip to Santa Fe a few weeks ago where it snowed every day. In April. She loves snow. Her non-snow-liking friends turned to her and said, "This is because of you, isn't it?" They're used to her fortunate discoveries.

I've  started looking for those serendipities in my life. You might remember my luggage was sent to Denver as I arrived in Baltimore in March. (Found here.) We had seven hours to kill in that town as my luggage was rerouted. We asked the lady at the information booth for a good local restaurant, and she recommended the G&M Restaurant for crabcakes. Cakes made with lumps of crab the size of a golf ball. Mouth watering-ly amazing. Even more amazing? Finding them recently listed in a travel magazine by Adam Richman (of Man vs. Food fame on the Travel Channel) as one of his favorite foods and restaurants in America. We had enjoyed a serendipity of the highest proportions, apparently.

This weekend, I find myself praying and looking for a "fortunate discovery by accident" for Monday. It would have been D's and my wedding anniversary. I began this journey of grief thinking that holidays would not really get to me. They were just dates on a calendar, right?There should be a 12-step program for people as naive as I was: "Hello. My name is R and I was in complete denial about loss over the holidays and special occasions." 

I've found if I make plans for those days, I'm not as likely to end up in a fetal position in a dark room. Just kidding. I usually leave the lights on.

 So, I'm making plans. And hoping Loyal Sister's sinus infection is cleared up, so a long talk over Blooming Onions makes the calendar.

And as a passenger on a planet that spun out of my control over a year ago, I'm hoping Monday's post contains happy memories and unexpected happiness.

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Sarah said...

"Just kidding. I usually leave the lights on." You have the most delightful sense of humor.

I pray God does bless you with serendipities on Monday. That must be so fun for Him, when He watches us enjoy those little surprises and extravagances.