Sunday, July 25, 2010

Girlfriend Weekend in Grapevine

I have four great friends I've known since high school. I don't know how I could have collected more precious people into my life but for God. We've supported each other for over 35 years through dating, college, marriage, children and just all the stuff that life is made of.

We try to meet as often as possible, but at least once a year we meet halfway between Austin (as in Texas) and Broken Arrow (as in Oklahoma). We've found that Grapevine, Texas makes for a wonderful weekend getaway.
We go from store to store and shop a little. Mostly we sit on their displays to talk. Or, as my friend's daughter calls it, we "clump around." We did a lot of clumping this weekend.
We visit the local Mills Mall. Our taste in accessories is amazingly similar, don't you think?
Welcome to Texas where painted cows are considered art forms.
Clumping in the Ice Cream Store after the ice cream is long gone.
Clumping in the hotel suite to sign our friend MA up for Facebook for the first time.
Fellow teacher shopping for school supplies. (Teachers ask so little to make them happy on birthdays.)
The only bad part? Stopping in a quilt shop to say good-bye. 

But we have a plan: between us we have 11 daughters and we are planning a Mother-Daughter Weekend in the next year.  Where we'll introduce them to the fine art of clumping. And long term friendships.

Can't wait!


pat said...

Clumpers. Thats who we are. I like our word:)

Locketts said...

So jealous. I want a clump weekend!

Lynn said...

What fun! I think it's so great that you are still friends from high school. I haven't seen most of my high school friends for over 30 years. Clumping sounds like a lot of fun to me! By the way we have painted cows in Alberta too!!