Thursday, July 8, 2010

Telling the Story For Me

I'm overwhelmed with emotions as the anniversary of Dave's passing is only days away. I'm linking to Married Daughter's blog to tell the story today:


Dawn said...

How beautifully she told the story for you!

I have no words for you, my friend - and I'm certain words would do little for you anyway. But, please know you're on my heart and in my thoughts and prayers. I pray that your trip to Seattle can be a time of remembering Dave with laughter and smiles.

Love and blessings!

Lynn said...

My friend you are in my thoughts and prayers; I'm so glad you will be with family. I hope you can share sweet memories along with the tears. K's post was a beautiful tribute, I'm so glad I read it.

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

I couldn't finish reading your daughter's post. I will read it later. I want to read it all, but I had to stop.
I have less than two months till the first anniversary of Vann's death. Every time, I think I'm all right, that it's all over and I've recovered, I find out I'm just kidding myself.
God bless you, my blogging friend. My your love for and memories of your Dave give you strength.

Anonymous said...

you are in our prayers and praying psalm 3 over you. love from all the smiths ( and hanson)

Anonymous said...

My heart goes out to you!! All I can say is that God has walked, comforted and loved you so much this past year!! You are an amazing woman!! During this trip I know God will reveal Himself to you and even bring more healing to you through this time. To my dearest and best friend, I love you!!

Patty R.