Sunday, January 30, 2011

Anatomy of a Care Package

Look what I found on my front porch: a care package from Married Daughter in Pennsylvania (who will soon be relocating to Wisconsin, home of all things cheese.) I can't count how many packages I've sent like this over the years, and it is so nice to be on the receiving end. Married Daughter: you have officially become your mother! (Check the comments later when she sees that one.)
First item: Peeps. This has been a family joke for YEARS. My grandmother/Married Daughter's great grandmother would give us Peeps every Easter. No one ever ate them: we just smiled politely and hid them all over our house for weeks and weeks after Easter. When MD was in college, my sister sent her a HUGE care package of heavily discounted after-Easter Peeps. They stayed in that box for years, until I happened to run across them. They had shrunk up, but even bugs will not eat them apparently...
And an olive branch (albeit a chocolate one) for that Peep humor. (A funny website on cooking Peeps--and there is a plethora of them--can be found here.)
Hmmm. Does this mean my former college roommate is cute and sassy and I am not?

Guess who is getting the Peeps back?

(PS: I wrote a post last week about always calling my (now) adult children at concerts and "sharing" songs with them. I loved the comment Married Daughter left on my post:
yes, i got the phone call from the Mercy Me concert. I was listening to my voicemails on speaker phone while i was cooking and Joe said "what IS that loud noise?" TO which I replied, "oh, mom must have gone to another concert!" :) Hope it was great fun! love you momma)


Lynn said...

What a fun package!! Way to go Married Daughter! I don't know anything about those pink peeps. That's a very cute scarf! Choclate is always right at any time in my books!!

Sarah said...

Hilarious. But hey, I love Peeps! Weird, since I am normally violently opposed to artificial colors, high fructose corn syrup, and refined sugar. I guess I love them because they take me back to childhood.

I loved the comment about needing a friend to show you how to wear the scarf. I would need that too. (But maybe you wouldn't?)

Lisa said...

TOO cute...and thoughtful! Katy is such a sweetheart!! And y'all have such a wonderful, refreshing relationship!