Monday, January 17, 2011

Why do the call them SLUMBER parties and SLEEP overs when the eyelids never close...

What could all these decorations possibly mean?
It's M's Second Annual Slumber Party held at my house. (M was in my second grade class 6 years ago, and her mother was fellow teacher/best of friend.)
This met me when I woke up the Morning After for some strong coffee.
This was the scene in the family room. (I learned that teenaged girls are very into Vera Bradley items.)
Never fear: cell phones were kept in a nice safe place and neat row. (And I want a Coach cover for my iPhone. Except I have to get an iPhone first. And some Vera Bradley accessories...)

I had to leave earlier than the sleeping party girls (and M's mom) to get to my duties with Children's Church. But look what I found when I returned:
WOW! It was cleaner than when they got there. I'm looking forward to next year's party when M turns 14 on January 17. Can't wait!


Sarah said...

I love the signs about leaving the bras in the freezer. Sounds like a lot of fun! Wow, I can't believe how clean they left it.

Anonymous said...

oh My gosh! Your house looks like a magazine!!! so nice!!! Those bookshelves look great!
~A, CMIL... get it? Co-Mother-in-law!

Nana said...

well, I had a slumber party myself last night...but I want YOUR group over here next time if my house can look like that!

Lisa said...

Oh I remember the days of YOUR house too! Though I certainly don't remember bras in the freezer, iphones, and immaculate cleaning.

On another note, the house looks FABULOUS! Katy was telling me how you had done a great job and she didn't over-sell it!