Monday, April 11, 2011

Much Misc.

On Tax Day Coming: Every year at tax time, D would have me sit by him at the computer as he did our taxes. I approached the 1040 with no fear on Saturday, and was done in under three hours. TurboTax Online: you are my friend. (Except for that sneaky thing you do at the end where you try to charge an extra $39.95 for direct deposit. Shame on you. I will have it mailed for free, please.) Thanks, D. Those lessons are still with me and I approached it with no fear or trembling. And got a nice refund to boot!

On Bulk Trash Pickup Day (aka "Put Big Things at the Curb" Day): Thank you, trash collectors, for taking the antique fencing D said I'd never use (he was right), the pots that filled the potting shed and the cracked trash cans that have been replaced by the humongous city-sponsored container. (A family of four could camp in there. Seriously.) A curious thing: all that I put out at the curb was mysteriously gone before the refuse people came. Recycling at its best?

On a New! Shorter! Haircut: I've tried this same bob since college. It's always the easiest to maintain with my hair's tendency to frizz. It looks neater, but short. I always seem to let my hair grow back out thinking it will be more obedient the next time. (Definition of insanity? Doing the same thing and expecting different results...) My only hesitation with permanently adopting this haircut is the memory of one line from the movie "Steel Magnolias" when M'Lynn said, "Oh, my gosh. Shelby was right. My hair does look like a brown football helmet." Except that mine is L'Oreal #8 Medium Blonde.

On Parent-made Costumes for the Second Grade Musical: I bow to your superior knowledge in costumes. In 22 years of teaching, parents have never failed to amaze me with their ability and willingness to do anything for their children. The spider's legs made out of pipe insulation? Genius.

37 more days in the Wonderful World of Second Grade. I hope they go by slowly and leisurely so we can really enjoy them.

(Except the insanity that is the last week of school. I hope those three days (one added for that missed ice day: drat!) fly by on greased skates.)

The end.


Dawn said...

Thinking of you today!

Be blessed,

Sarah said...

Oh no! I think Turbotax tricked me. If they charged an extra $39.95 for direct deposit, they somehow slipped it past me. I wondered why it cost more this year. Sigh. At least it's done.

I think putting stuff out on the curb is great fun. I like to peek through the drapes and see who picks it up. Some people are so furtive about it, as if it wasn't out on the curb for the trash truck anyway.

I once saw the most awesome thing on someone else's curb: a cute little jeep that Allyson could ride in. I was on foot, and by the time I went home for the car, it was gone. Oh well.