Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Reaping and Laughing

Remember being trapped by someone else's home movies? Well-spoiler alert/warning--you choose: this post is going to be a virtual scrapbook of our holiday happenings.

Married Daughter flew in solo from Pennsylvania to spend Easter with her very excited Mama. What did we do with almost 7 days?
We attended a wedding where Young Son (left) was a groomsman for a "friends-since-childhood" wedding.
These two practically grew up before my eyes at a school where I used to teach. I've kept up with them over the years, and it was my joyful pleasure to see them emerge as two of the happiest people on earth at their wedding.
I was surrounded by my two (adult) children for days. Life is good.
But it can get better! Loyal Sister and her husband took us out for gingerbread pancakes...
...and lots of pictures that the kids patiently endured. (Probably because they know most of them end up on Facebook now, and they want to look good.) Breakfast followed by shopping and the movie "Water For Elephants". (Well worth seeing.)
Saturday involved more shopping and an evening with sweet friends C and C to attend a James Taylor concert.

Easter found me in church with my children worshipping on either side of me. My heart was full. It takes so little to make a Mama happy.
Easter lunch out with Aunt W--the last extended relative I have. She's almost 90, but still going strong. (A few things to say there: I'm glad I have her staying-young Swedish genes. I'm even more glad she doesn't peruse the internet and see I've listed her age. Egad.)
A beautiful Monday spent strolling through downtown Austin (pictured at the Whole Foods "mothership" store.) Married daughter left sleet to come home to 90+ degree days in Texas.

Ahhh, family time. It just fills me up. I love spending time talking and laughing with them.

It is our season for joy.


And there is more good news coming...


Sarah said...

Gingerbread pancakes?? Yum!

Sounds like a wonderful time. Your children are beautiful. And your sister looks a lot like you.

I worshiped next to my mom, dad, sister, and niece on Easter (plus Bill and Allyson). I know what you mean about your heart being full as you worship with family. God is good!

Dawn said...

What a fun, family-filled weekend you had! Ours was the opposite this year - quiet. And that was NICE.

Be blessed, friend!

Lynn said...

Love the family pictures!So glad you had your kids with you for church on Easter Sunday! It's been many years since I had all of mine with me for any church service. It is easy to make a momma happy!!