Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Turning of a Page...

15 days. This is the longest I've ever gone between posts on this blog. You may think my absence is either because I had nothing to say or because I had too much going on. Yes and yes.

You see, some rather huge changes have been working their way through my life in the past few weeks. I was offered a completely different job. And I took it.

I had to resign my jobs as second grade teacher in public school(I will finish the school year out) and Children's Pastor at a local church (my last Sunday was Mother's Day).

I've had to start cleaning out 22 years worth of teaching "stuff", because I will no longer be in the classroom. I have begun sorting out multiple piles to give to future and present teachers in my life.

(Edited to add: Thank you for so many sweet comments...Blogger erased all but the most recent ones.)

I've set my mind to enjoy every minute of these last days in a classroom. (Even though teaching in May is more conducive to hazardous duty pay.)

And I am saying good-bye to so much that is familiar and beloved.

But I am saying hello to something I have always wanted to do. And something I feel I am now far enough through my grief process to handle.

I am going to be an elementary school principal at a private Christian school within walking distance of my home.

To quote a very dear friend, "How often does God walk up to you and say, 'Here is the desire of your heart. Take it.'?"

So, I'm taking it and looking forward to pouring my life into this position. I am so very excited about this opportunity. And so very thankful, too.

"The vision is yet for the appointed time. Wait for will surely come to pass." (Habbakuk 2:3)


Abby said...

I'm so excited to hear about everything God's going to do!

susan said...

isn't it amazing what blessings life has to offer. congratulations!

Locketts said...

So excited for you and jealous of the folks who will be working with you. Maybe Ava and I could rent out a classroom for Mommy School? We've never had a principal before;)

Dawn said...

Very, very thankful for this new chapter in your life - how awesome to receive your dream job! And, of course, I am thankful you'll be returning to CBC. I'll be stopping by to visit you in your new office once you're settled in for the new school year!

Lynn said...

What a blessing! Your friend is so right, how often does that happen. So happy for you!

Sarah said...

Wow! I'm thrilled for you. Congratulations.

How awesome that you can walk to work.

And I love that verse in Habbakuk. I'm leaning on it now as I wait for a promise to be fulfilled.

Brandonlady said...

It just gives me goosebumps reading your post! God is SO Good and has provided in your life and in the need of the Academy. My prayers are with you!

Anonymous said...

I know you will do an amazing job as you have with every teaching job from the beginning!! You put your whole heart in it and bless everyone in your path!!

Love you my friend!!
Patty R.