Thursday, December 31, 2009

Baby Steps into 2010

So, after two days of fireside ponderings in my p.j.s, I decided it was time to make myself get dressed and get out of the house. And the funniest thing happened: I ran into two fellow teachers who had made themselves get dressed and get out. It was a relief to find out that staying inside post-Christmas is not just for the momentarily grief-stricken-slash-paralyzed; it is also for the normal who need a change of scenery after all the hustle and bustle of the holidays. (Can I get a witness from all the moms of students in my class who are ready for a break come next Tuesday when my first grade classroom is open for business again?)

But today, it was time to tackle some paperwork in D's office. There are still some important papers I cannot locate. And I have a new resolve to get  things done by myself and not just rely on help from others.  (Well-meaning others who often run out of  good will before the task is completed.)

 I sorted and cleaned, disposed of and filed. I was relieved to learn that many of the same items that brought tears five months ago brought laughter today. Happy and reflective laughter. The sting of memories really does mellow with time.

So many of my bloggy friends are writing recaps of the last year. I found a 2-inch thick notebook of doctor's notes and medications that recapped my year. As I skimmed through page after page of  surgeries, procedures and diagnoses, I gave myself a little more credit for the exhaustion I often feel. I couldn't bear to dispose of that medical diary yet, so I put it in the nightstand drawer on D's side of the bed for now. I know that the day will come when it will be time to throw it away, and that thought brings me hope.

I hung up my new Mary Engelbreit calendar today, and was pleased to see pages unmarred by multiple doctors' appointments and testing dates. A virtual clean slate for a year that can be filled with health and happiness.

The Happiest of New Years to each of you. Looking forward to the updates of December 31, 2010 to see where the faithfulness of God has lead each one of us this year.

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Dawn said...

So glad the memories are bringing smiles!

Coffee when you're ready... just send me an email or note on FB.

Wishing you joy and blessings in 2010!