Saturday, December 19, 2009

Deck the Halls...and the Teachers

There always has to be a Last Day of School, before the holidays free us from a classroom filled with more excitement than it can contain. My classroom had a book exchange, I gave my students books and "Snowman Soup".
We watched The Charlie Brown Christmas DVD,  undecorated the room, and exploded out of our portable building the moment the final bell rang. 18 days of freedom for all!

Including teachers, who are known to wear some pretty extreme  Ho Ho Holiday ensembles. Here is one of my esteemed colleagues with Extreme Teacher Makeover: Christmas Edition.

I am so very glad she did not wear the matching earrings. Her earlobes would have never recovered.

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Lynn said...

That's wild, I love it bet the kids in her class did too!! I would never wear it myself but think it's great that someone else would!! That thing around my neck would drive me crazy.