Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Balancing Acts

Long time, no blog. Yet my view numbers  continue to climb. Thanks for coming back to check on me, blog world. 

Here's the deal: holidays this year are just hard. I'm sad if I decide not to do something because it will bring back memories. I'm sad if I do something because it brings back memories. Can't seem to win. 

There is nary a light or decoration up in my home, and yet there is still that low  cloud hanging around. Where are there happy holiday memories?

Well, let's look to the first grade classroom for The Happy. Yesterday I read a book to my class about a little girl who knew Santa's address: Santa, North Pole. There was a veritable stampede to the writing center to write another wish letter. Just in case. If six year olds who Still Believe don't put a smile on your face, nothing will. 

We continue to have school in December and pretend that we are learning something. Reading tests are  administered and report card grades are  entered online, but the students' minds   have exited the building and no one is home.  It's all those sugarplums dancing in their heads, and  checking to see if reindeer really know how to fly. 

And it does not help that there is a new assembly announced each day, followed by a Book Fair, Art Walk, Holiday Program rehearsal/performance, and Lock Down drill (since we are a few behind for the semester).

Yes, primo learning going on: your tax dollars at work. But Oh, the Joy! among the first graders. Wouldn't you love to be that age again, with nary a care in the world? And only 6 more school days (that include a class party WHERE WE CAN EAT SUGARY FOODS) until 18 days off. Time to anticipate Santa, then celebrate the bounty. And plan what to bring in for show and tell. Can't wait.

So, in the scale of life? Some things are very sad right now. But some are happy. I can't say that the bubble is plumb, but I think eventually it will be. Hopefully sooner than later. 


Dawn said...

Just checking on you. You've been very quiet this week. Hope it's just a busy, busy week in a busy season. I think of you often and pray for you when I do.

Love and blessings!

Anne Smith said...

your blog is Jesus being GREAT through you...let those numbers climb sister so more can know about HIM!!! :) love you much.

Anonymous said...

Hey, you have truly been on my heart. I wish I could do more than pray for you. I want to make things better and I want to call and talk. I'm not sure my conversation helps though. Just know Chris and I care and pray for you. Love ya lots!!! Patty

Anonymous said...

Dee from Tennessee

Just sending a hug...