Sunday, December 13, 2009

Fruit Does Not Fall Far From the Tree

Since I've started this blog, I've had several people tell me that my writing moved them in a very special way. While I was flattered, I never really understood exactly what they were saying.

Until yesterday. When I opened my Christmas card from Married Daughter and saw her picture and Christmas letter. And now I understand what being moved to the point of tears by words is all about. I've asked her if I can share some of her words here:

"What a roller coaster of a year...change has been the theme of our year for sure!

"My dad, Dave O'Brien, went to be with Jesus on July 13th after battling his various cancers for over seven years. I don't like to say that he lost his battle--I know he would have fought as long as it took to make sure everyone was taken care of and all the loose ends were tied up. Always the planner, I like to think that Dave finally gave himself permission to go with dignity, knowing that he had done everything in his power he could for all of us, and now he could finally rest and go home. Even now, my mom will call and say that she has found another thing that he hid away for her to find-money for a trip to Italy he wanted her to take, her name on the bottom of a table that she loved, a Bible he bought for her before he got so sick...little I-love-you's left behind for rainy days. He was such a wonderful man. You know , all he really had to do when he married my mom was be a good husband to her, but instead, he took it upon himself to be a father to my brother and me and show us what love really looked like. He changed my whole outlook on men and proved there are still good ones out there who are faithful to their word and take care of their families. We all loved him dearly and still feel the void in our hearts, but it is comforting to know that he is once again whole, happy, in no pain and home with the Jesus that he loved so much. One day we will see him again...knowing Dave, he will have some witty thing to say to us that he's been planning up there for years! My sweet mom, who I admire so much for her strength and faith in the Lord, is doing well, taking it day by day. I hope that she will begin to write and use her gift to publish books (maybe then we can all retire early and just go on tropical vacations together!) I can't even begin to imagine what she has been through in this year, but she trusts that God is in control and He will meet her in the middle of her pain and heal her heart, as He will for all of us with time. Mom, you are so brave and Dave would be extremely proud of how well you have dealt with everything this year. He loved you and if anyone deserved to be loved that much, it is definitely you!"

Well, (back to me, the blogwriter), pass out the Kleenex for Mom. Thank you, sweet Daughter! Can't wait to see you next week for a special Christmas.

I truly understand the power of words.


Buttercup said...

Like mother, like daughter. She sounds and writes beautifully, just like her mother.

Dawn said...

It couldn't have been said any better! Maybe a book should be a joint effort between the two of you.

Be blessed!

Andrea Harp said...

WOW! I definitely needed the tissues ~~ it was as if you had written it yourself. She not only LOOKS like you - she SOUNDS like you! You are blessed to have one another, mother and daughter. Thanks for sharing your journey of grief, love, and faith with us. I am thankful to call you my friend.

Lynn said...

Pass out the kleenex for me too. What a beautiful tribute to Dave and to you as well. You are well loved!

Anonymous said...

Dee from Tennessee

Oh...that apple didn't far from the tree for sure. ♥ u