Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Because I'm the Boss, Applesauce

And so, after 9 weeks of testing, paperwork, conferences and report card grades...the teacher in me retreated and took a personal day. Or, as we like to call it in The Profession, a "mental health day." Because what is not reviving about a perfect autumn day spent with Loyal Sister in a town that decorates its storefronts like this?
Or has restaurants that serve food like this?

Ahhh. A perfect day was had by all. I returned to school today revived, refreshed and ready to launch the second nine weeks of school.

And ran smack into a fellow teacher who had a story to report about my class while I was away.

Seems three of my seven year old best friends decided to form a club during my absence. "And what exactly will this club be for?" my teacher friend asked them. One little girl just stared with her big, brown eyes, not sure if the news would be well received by an adult. Her best friend just blurted it out: "We have a Bossy Club!" she all but shouted. (Small auxiliary male friend nodded furiously beside her.)

My friend was intrigued and probed the issue. "What exactly do you do in a Bossy Club?" she asked.

"WE BOSS PEOPLE AROUND, that's what! People are always bossing us and now it is our turn to be the bosses."

You miss one day and there is mutiny on the playground.

But there couldn't be three cuter bosses. Maybe I should just let them sub next time I'm needing a little break.


Gina said...

Your great stories makes me wish I had 7 year old best friends again...but mine were 11 &12 and not always so innocent in their "Bossy Club" efforts!

Locketts said...

Love the 'mental health day'. I always took mine on a Monday. I love the energy of a Friday but definitely needed a three day weekend. Now that I'm on an extended 'mental health day' I get to deal with my own little 'boss, applesauce' every day. Guess you could say I'm paying for my raising, huh?

Buttercup said...

Definitely need to put the Texas Hill country on my "to-visit" list.

Lynn said...

Glad to hear you had a great "mental health day"! I learned about mental health days when I worked at a busy Childrens Hospital!! Yikes sometimes I needed more than a day! Crazy stress there but I loved my job.

If I lived anywhere near that Texas Hill country restaurant I would be checking out that great looking food!!

Buttercup said...

You're always welcome. Not a sore loser here in Buttercupland and the Rangers really played well. I'm rooting for the Rangers in the next round.