Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Time Has Come to Talk of Many Things...

Long time, no blog.

There are multiple very simple explanations for that. One stream of consciousness would include new school year and grade level, standardized testing that was completed and entered online and followed by looming report card grades slash Fall Parent Conferences. And somewhere in there I am also teaching my second grade class.

But on the real life side? I've been visiting old friends on the weekends, which is when I usually find the time to blog. I'm constantly thankful for the long term friendships I've shared with so many. Certainly those relationships are among the greatest blessings of my life.

Last weekend my precious friend of 25 years, P, and I flew to Oklahoma City to recognize her Special Decade Birthday. (Don't do the math and we'll all remain friends.) We had our babies at the same time, and raised five precious children among the two of us. Her oldest daughter, A, was in my first grade classroom, lo those many years ago. A is now married and living in OKC with her Law School Student husband and almost four-year-old daughter. What better way to celebrate this special occasion than to go visit this sweet family with P?

We flew in Saturday at noon, and flew out on Sunday at about the same time. But those in-between hours? Perfection! We got to spend plenty of time with P's granddaughter, A. I now know there is even more to look forward to in my future: grandchildren! (No pressure Married Daughter. Don't even think about it, unmarried Young Son.) Here we are in a cupcake shop we visited while strolling on a perfect fall day.
Three generations that just fill my heart up. When P and I met and became fast friends, we were about the age that her daughter A is now. I love full circles in life, and I love watching children grow up well in the Lord. Who would ever have thought that one of my first grade students would now be my friend? (A is also the person who designs this blog and my classroom blog. She writes a blog here that will fill you with The Happy.)

And last night? Another former student had a Big Game. S was in my kindergarten and third grade classes. Though I find it hard to believe, he is now a high school senior and the quarterback of his football team. See number 10 below? I was taller than he was when I was teaching him how to cut, use glue sticks and write the letter "s" going in the right direction.
Oh, how the years go by! His mom has remained a sweet friend over the years and offered me a great ticket to S's Homecoming game. I was able to watch him remain grace under pressure all four quarters as he completed 22 passes for 283 yards.

(Another full circle experience? S had a cousin who played for UT, and I'd always mail S the newspaper clippings. Now I'm mailing S his own clippings each Monday. And hoping college scouts are seeing those same stats!)

I'm so honored to now know these grown-up versions of former elementary students of mine. My school year(s) with them was just a dot on their life's timeline. But the joy I get watching them grow into adults who give me hope for the future of our country and world? It is a lifelong gift.


Gina said...

Aww, as a former teacher and one that fiercely holds friendships in high regard, this brings tears to my eyes!

Amy said...

I love this post.
And now I'm wondering if you watched the homecoming game that Notes from the Trenches wrote about today. That would be funny!

V....Vaughan said...

Your whole blog needs to know that Mr. QB, S, was THRILLED that you came to his game! His eyes lit up when I told him you were there for the whole thing. (please do not tell him I referred to him as "thrilled...with lit up eyes")...But he was and YOU hold the most special place in his heart ...still his very favorite teacher!

Buttercup said...

Love the photos!When I had a big birthday this summer one of the things I most wanted to do -- and did -- was spend time with my first cousins' kids and got to see all eleven of them. Best treat I could have.