Saturday, October 24, 2009

PreChristmas Shopping

I am not much of a shopper when it comes to buying things for myself. We've kind of been in duck-and-cover mode financially for 7 years with D's illness, and I just got out of the habit of thinking about needs--let alone wants. That dress winter coat of mine? Works just fine. Until I start counting on my fingers like my first graders, and realize it is more then 10 years old. (In my defense, D got it from Land's End and it is a classic wool cut. And winters in mild central Texas do not call for wearing it more then a few times each year.)

But last week at the Marathon in Kansas City (I really should just call it the Walkathon for my effort), I kept looking at young Anna's sassy red suitcase. And I coveted it. ( I think I lusted for her black Coach purse, but I am sensible in my desires.) My collection of suitcases is pitiful. The only redeeming value is that my ragtag assortment is so hopelessly out of date, it is easily identifiable on luggage carousels at airports. Most mothers know they end up with what their children cast aside in categories like luggage and beach towels. (Which explains why I still have the Aladdin towel circa 1992. It is topped only by my friend Twyla who has six kids and landed at the bottom of the beach towel food chain with the original Transformers threadbare towel during their childhood. But I digress.)

Looking through the ads last Sunday, I came upon a startling discovery: new luggage can be purchased at department stores. Well who ever heard of such a thing? I thought the luggage left-behinds that populated my hall closet were my only options since the kids took all the good pieces when then left for college.

In trying to discern those new desires of my heart, traveling tops the list. I am going with three friends to the Women of Faith Conference out of state next weekend, and Loyal Sister and I are going to Las Vegas next month with or without Barry-did-I-forget-to-mention-I needed-new-hips-when-you-made-your-reservations-Manilow. And Married Daughter's husband will find out this week if his job will be relocating them to Pennsylvania. That luggage? Becoming more of a necessity then an impulse buy.

And (drum roll, please) as of today, I am the proud owner of a red 24-inch rolling, expandable bag with a matching rolling carry-on bag. Just the right size for taking my laptop on board. And OH MY SOUL did you know that American Airlines has inflight Wi-Fi? Used it last weekend on the way home from Kansas City. That's just FANCY. (And I was glad to know that there were others, many others, my age who did not know of Wi-Fi's existence on airplanes that won't let you use cell phones, but will let you blog, email and Facebook to your heart's content.) After yesterday's pitiful post, you are probably glad to know I had two little red pieces of joy added to my day.

And the day was much better, until I saw this:

I'm sorry: I thought it was still October and Halloween had not even been celebrated yet. Oh, wait: it hasn't. Early Christmas trees make me grouchy and should not be allowed in stores until after Thanksgiving. Like in the old days, before there was Wi-Fi on airplanes.

For breaking the rules, this tree would not be allowed in my home.

Unless it had that black Coach bag under it. Gift wrapped and addressed to me.


Dawn said...

This post just made me smile. So glad you have had a good Saturday. Praying Sunday is fulfilling and restful!

Craig Weeks said...

If it came down to just you and me, I would be the geek. And yet, I've never WiFi-ed on a plane.

susan said...

if you are in the mood for a Coach bag (and can be patient), I have a suggestion for you! last January in the madhouse of after-Christmas sales, the Coach store at the Round Rock Outlet Mall has GREAT sales. I bought our daughter a beautiful bag for $50 (originally $375) for this Christmas. now if I can just remember where I put it! happy shopping!

Sister Beta said...

Buy a Coach purse! It will make you happy...TRUST ME, I speak from experience! ;-)

Anonymous said...

So that explains my thin beach towels with printed degins on them!!!

Lynn said...

This post made me lol, thanks! I too recently joined the world of luggage that is harder to find on the carousel at the airport. Until now it was easy to spot my suitcase because not another one looked anything like it!! Glad you had a fun day!