Saturday, October 17, 2009

Team Dave

This weekend we are at the Kansas City Marathon to participate in Dave's honor. I was picked up by Katy and her husband, Joseph. I may have mentioned a time or twenty that Joseph's mom and I have been friends since high school, so his entire family showed up in force.

Katy and Anna ran the 1/2 Marathon; Adrienne, Chuck, Elizabeth and I did the 5K. Joseph drove the family sag wagon.

Katy and her husband celebrating her 1/2 Marathon finish.
Anna and Katy finishing 13 miles with a smile on their faces.
The girls and their moms.
Dave running a marathon in 1989. We all wore these pictures, but I didn't need it to remember him. He's staying close in my heart today.
Thanks, family, for the precious gift of this trip.

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Lynn said...

Great pictures and what a tribute to Dave!