Monday, November 23, 2009

And Now For Something Completely Different

Hope I didn't completely traumatize you with my last little tirade on grief stages, bad movies and Black Friday shopping.

Today, let's talk about The Happy.

Yesterday, I got to meet the parents of Young Son's girlfriend. This is the first time this has ever happened, and I believe he was very nervous. Or, as my grandmother used to say, as nervous as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs. I asked what to wear for this Sunday brunch meeting. He began by saying it didn't matter, and then launched into, "Not too dressy, but dressier than if we were eating at Magnolia Cafe." (OK: that told me nothing since I've never eaten there and we would not be eating there for this meal.) Information 2.0: "Well, I'll be wearing my shirt with snaps." (OK: he always wears those retro shirts with pearl snaps. Foreshadowing: said shirt was IRONED when I arrived. I didn't even know he owned an iron.) He later texted and it said, "Wear what ever you want. Probably what you wore to church would be good." Hmmmm. Think this may be a little more important than first anticipated.

Young Son's girlfriend has the same name as Married Daughter's husband, so we usually call her Jo2. This makes Young Son a little nervous (see above grandmother endearment), so I refrained from that at brunch. We had a wonderful time Meeting the Parents, and the youngsters were very relieved that we all behaved. Her parents are from out of town, so we did a little driving around and showed them where Young Son is working during HIS FINAL SEMESTER OF COLLEGE SINCE ALL SYSTEMS ARE GO FOR MAY GRADUATION. (Uh, I may be a little excited about that fact.) Anyhoo, he just began a job working at one of the two restaurants owned by Sandra Bullock (yes, the one you are thinking of) and her sister. So, we toured by it. On our drive we passed a very large and very old miniature golf place. "Let's play miniature golf!" enthused Young Son and his girlfriend. Ahhhh. Youth. But now they were on a roll, "No, I know: let's play Frisbee Golf!!!!!!"

(Let me remind my readers my last clothing instructions included wearing "church clothes". And now I am on my way to play Frisbee Golf!!!! with my new friends.)

And guess what? We had a wonderful time playing nine holes on a perfect autumn afternoon. After about hole 5, I stopped pretending I could flip a frisbee and enjoyed the walking and the watching. Young Son, however, is something of a pro at the wrist flick, and I asked him if he ever really, I don't know: went to class? Or did he play the Frisbee Golf!!! circuit during all waking hours? Perhaps this is why he chose Frisbee Golf!!! for our afternoon's activity. Showing the parents what he is made of. Wise choice, Young Son, wise choice.

And? A good time was had by all. I think I passed the test in his eyes. I can behave, get along with others and dress appropriately when coached correctly. I can't play Frisbee Golf!!!, but I can teach six-year olds how to read. And behave so as not to elicit the dreaded, "MOM! You're embarrassing me!" that was such a staple of the teenaged years.

In an equal opportunity announcement: next post will be about Married Daughter. Because they keep score. And both bring me much equal amounts of happiness. Now that those teenaged years are over for us all.


Dawn said...

You're entire post made me smile! My son just entered the dating stage of like this past year and has a first "serious" steady girl friend. (We love her, by the way - such a sweet girl.) They celebrated their six month "anniversary" this past weekend. They went out to dinner and then came back to our house to bake cookies - with the strictest instructions that I was to make myself scarce and let him do it all. by. himself. LOL Well, I got called to the kitchen a half dozen times anyway for "help!!!" Ha!

Anonymous said...

Dee from Tennessee

Love his heart! (And we know that teaching six-year-olds how to read is amazing...truly!)