Thursday, November 5, 2009

"To Do" is Done

Long time, no blog.

I went to the "Women of Faith" in Oklahoma City with old friends (and met some new friends), and I'm still processing all that blessed me during that time. Hoping to spill it out into bloggyland over the weekend.

But today contains some good news: I think part of my brain function has returned. Seriously. For the past few months I've had difficulty reading, getting things done, watching TV: you name it and I was seriously challenged if it required careful attention. Or, really, any attention. Grief is such a thick fog.

Today I had a long "To Do" list during my 30 minute break at school. Loyal Sister is too ill to go on our planned trip next weekend, so we decided to cancel it and put it on the calendar for later. I needed to cancel reservations, cancel plane tickets, make an eye doctor appointment and a foot doctor appointment while my students were at P.E.....GO!

Even while being interrupted by the district maintenance men multiple times (two legs falling off tables, and a restroom door that sticks and will traumatize a six-year-old if locked in to that room), I was able to complete the above list AND I was able to get a drink of water before picking up my charges.

To my utter delight, I was not exhausted when I was finished. And it all got done! SCORE!

That faint light ahead? I think I'm seeing a glimpse of the end of this tunnel.

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Anonymous said...

Keep walking toward that light, one foot in front of the other!
Nothing like checking off a TO DO list!!! Press on dear friend....