Sunday, November 29, 2009

Feelings, Nothing More Than Feelings...

I think I may be waking up a bit. This is evidenced by the fact that I am actually feeling deeper emotions than just "I don't care, it doesn't matter" when things happen to me.

This showed up as, what is it called again? Slight anger. I felt it at IKEA this morning at 10 am. I arrived to find a sign taped to the door that says, "We are sorry! The ad was wrong! We will be opening an hour later at 11:00 am! Happy Holidays!" I was there to get a piece of furniture that is a "Door Buster" marked 75% off for a family member who shall remain unnamed in case (s)he is reading this. Except the doors are not busting open for another hour. I grab a cart and start a line at the door. And begin the wait. Along with many others. Apparently, breakfast was offered for free! in this incorrect ad, so now many hungry children are joining the crowd. Hungry children waiting in line for an hour as a cold front blows in. Good times.

At ten minutes to 11:00, an employee comes out with a bullhorn which is quite close to my first-in-line face. He instructs us all to make a line along the wall! (My relocation makes me last in line.) He instructs not to run or push! He instructs us there are plenty of Door Busters available! (These IKEA employees are just full of exclamation points!)

The door opens and I complete my rapid journey through the mouse maze that is IKEA, and find the Door Busters at the end by the check- out counters. There are some left, and they are packed flat in  very heavy boxes. There are five employees standing nearby trading stories from last night's glories. I go to ask an employee for help in getting a box into my cart and she lifts a finger at me. You know, the finger that says, "Wait a minute: I'm talking to someone. I'll get to you in a minute or ten." And then she finishes listening to the cute male employee's story, laughs gleefully and turns toward me with a huff. And maybe an eyeroll.  But I want this Door Buster, so I zip my lips until it is safely in my basket. And I marvel that this is hitting my emotional radar. This, as Martha says when she is not dissing Rachel Ray, is  a good thing: I am feeling emotions again.

This holiday break was so full of good friends and sweet family; interesting activities and good conversation. But in the pit of my heart and stomach was this constant ache just lurking under the surface. Unwanted but not unexpected. I am, as my grief class suggests, learning to lean into the pain.

When I hear the radio playing the song sung at D's service? I let myself cry instead of getting busy and ignoring it. When I go through D's closet deciding which shirts to save to make a lap quilt out of? I allow a sadness to settle over me that seems to have no bottom at the moment. When I can't get the Door Buster out of the car because it is still too heavy (and there are no eye-rolling employees or husband to help),  I go inside the house for the ugly cry knowing that I can call someone for help later. 

I was thinking yesterday that what if, theoretically, there was a certain amount of tears that had to fall before the pain was gone?  If I bottle them up or hold them back, the final tally is a long time coming. If I allow those tears to come every time they are close to the surface and threatening to spill over the lids onto my newly purchased waterproof mascara? Well, maybe I'll meet that mythical quota sooner.

Leaning into the pain. Allowing the tears to come. Feeling the emotions. Those are good things.

And Martha? Leave our girl Rachel alone. I'm feeling for her, too.


Dawn said...

Nothing like a good anger and an ugly cry when one is needed!

Been there, done that with Ikea. When we lived in the Chicago area, the Ikea there would open their outer doors 30 minutes prior to the store actually opening and you could wait between the doors with FREE! cookies handed out by a smiling worker. Imagine our horror when the Ikea opened here and we found out that there were no unlocked outer doors (of course, our temps here are no where near the lows of the Chicago temps!), no smiling employee to welcome us and no FREE! cookies to nibble upon while waiting. I still love Ikea, though.

Praying blessings upon you this week!!!

Anonymous said...

Dee from Tennessee

Thinking about you...and just sending a TN hug.
A friend walked in our little gathering Thursday and burst into tears, sobbing, due to losses this past year and those losses that were under horrible tragic circumstances....there really are no words, just hugs. ♥

Buttercup said...

You were awesome. It would have taken every ounce of restraint I had not to hit the IKEA employee chatting away with the door-buster. Which is probably why I refrain from entering stores -- unless carefully planned -- in this season.

Lynn said...

I don't get the people in customer service who think serving customers is interferring with their visiting!! I've seen it way too many times, drives me crazy!!!
I've had that ugly cry over the same kind of thing as well. Good for you, crying seems to help and maybe there is a quota, I haven't reached it yet if there is. Was just yesterday as I am miserable with back muscle spasms, still, that I was feeling sorry for myself being alone and had the ugly cry. Then daughter T came by after church and brought Sobey's rotisserie chicken and hot scallop potatoes along with pumpkin cranberry bread. Life looked better for awhile. Today the back is as sore or worse, just took medication again so hopefully will take the edge off the pain. Yikes I hope this ends soon!!

Saturday was 6 years since J went home to glory. Still hard at times especially when I need his help and he's not here.

Kelly said...

I just popped over from Big Mama because your comment there cracked me up this morning...but then got caught up in reading your story. Oh my goodness. I am so sorry for the loss of your husband. I can't tell you how beautiful your heart and your writing are as you share the tale of your days. I will be back to read more, and I will pray for God's peace to envelop you and carry you through each new day. Blessings.

melanieb said...

“A teardrop on earth summons the King of heaven”
- Charles Swindoll

Let them fall - let God's love catch them!