Thursday, June 24, 2010

Eye Thought Wrong

Well, shut my mouth...ah, eye: the opthamologist informed me that what I thought was "pink eye" is an eye infection. A pretty severe one at that. And since we only get two eyes, I'd like to take care of these. I didn't even blink at the price of my prescription. (Little eye humor, that.) $128 for a bottle of drops the size of my thumbnail. Administered one drop every hour.

And here I was thinking it was some innocent child who had passed along conjunctivitis to me. Maybe I'm still sore about that kindergartner who had warts on his hands and always wanted to hold my hand. Having those "caught" warts removed from the pads of my fingers was worse than childbirth. But I'm not bitter. Just suspicious, these 18 years later. But I digress.

Who knew you could have a raging eye infection that could bring you down physically? Just the other night I was sharing with my friend A (whose son married my daughter!) that I just was dragging around. It was past the possibility of jet lag, and a stretch to believe it was  a lack of caffeine because I traded coffee for tea in Ireland. 

And what is one to do when an eye infection saps one physically? Dial up Season Two of "Friday Night Lights" on line. I had no choice during my recuperation. 

You see, my Netflix Season One of "Gilmore Girls" came by mail. I tried to get into it, but Coach Taylor only speaks about ten words per episode on "FNL", and Lorelai and Rory use every word in Webster's Unabridged Dictionary twice in each show. Here's something I never thought I'd type: too many words! Time to dial it back in Star's Hollow, girls.

I hope I don't end up standing at a meeting saying, "Hello, my name is R, and I'm addicted to FNL." (Not to be confused with SNL, which was in it's infancy and prime when I was in college in the 70s. They don't make them like that anymore, says MeMaw.)

But addicted? Nah. There are only five seasons; I'm half way through Season Two. There's an expected end.

But I hear they are shooting the new episodes in Austin even as I  blog.  Hmmmm. Maybe when my eye clears up...


Craig Weeks said...

... too many words! Time to dial it back in Star's Hollow, girls.

Au contraire! This does not cost you Hero status in my book but it does bring into sharper focus your human frailty. Dialog is what makes "Gilmore Girls". As a fully, FULLY hetro male I know I'm supposed to disdain this member from the chick genre but I proudly tell you ... I DO NOT!

I think it was on the special features portion of the final disc for Season 1 that the screen writer (Amy Sherman) said most 1-hour programs run 35-40 pages of script, but GG runs closer to 80. Another part of the additional features was a little vignette where they visually explained cultural references as the video was playing. Most entertaining.

Oh ... yes ... we do watch GG with subtitles on. But, hey, we watch everything with subtitles on. Even then I'm not above backing up to catch something that escaped both my ears and my eyes ... it makes at least one of my offspring completely crazy ... she unwittingly brings me joy.

kstein said...

I dont care if i have to wear a full body cast for my neck and you have to wear an eye-patch and use a stick to feel your way around, we ARE goin to take this trip in two weeks...SEATTLE OR BUST! Love you momma, get better soon!

Anonymous said...

i'm on my sixth season of GG, thanks to a friend who has the whole series. believe me, the writing takes a huge dip but the fourth season so you might want to get out now. i think they got a new writing team.
praying your eye clears up quickly!

Anonymous said...

You can complain and whine to us anytime! and if you need Bryant to holler at any of the contractors for you, just give him a call. He'll gladly bark up their tree. Melissa

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Feel better soon.