Saturday, June 26, 2010

Girls of Summer

Say what you will about "social networking": I've heard so many great Facebook reunion stories.  This group is from our church youth group circa '76. And many of these girls changed my life.

M became my college room mate and life time friend. We taught at schools together several times over the years.

J has been my plumb line for sensible decisions my entire adult life, and we teach at an elementary school together right now.

P helped  us all maintain a passion for family and friend connections: she taught us the value of keeping up with friends through calls, letters and long-distance visits. (Hey, people: we did this before internet and cell phones made it easy. Remember letters and stamps? Well, we walked uphill through snow to mail them...)

A discipled me through early morning Bible studies during high school. I passed that discipleship along to my daughter who married A's son. (You may have seen me mention that a time or 100 on this blog.)

The five of us meet several times a year from our various locations. (And if the Oklahoma contingent would just move Back Home to Austin, it could be more often. Girls: take it for the team!) 

Last night we reunited with 4 other newly discovered old friends. We met at a  Mexican food restaurant and talked and laughed well past our welcome. When the kind waiter removed our chips and salsa, we relocated to a Starbucks. There we were finally told they were closing, so we moved outside to their patio chairs until well after midnight. Never stopped talking or laughing the entire time.

Old friends are the absolute best friends. They know your story, they love you enough to call you on bad decisions, and they stand by you in good times and bad.

Facebook: You are my friend. Keep bringing the friends from former days into my present.

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