Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Have a little cheese with that whine...

Joining the burst blood vessel in my right eye is apparently conjunctivitis in my left eye. More commonly known as "pink eye", even thought it should be called "bright red eye". It is either that, or an angry porcupine has moved in behind my eyeball. The doctor will make the call at 1:30 pm when I beg for medication to lessen the pain.

One thing that stinks about living alone? There is no one to whine to. I promise, I'd be in full whine this morning for the pain and inconvenience of pink eye if someone were here to listen. On the bright side, in 30 years of working in and around children, I've never contacted this infection before. And I seem to be immune to most of what circulates through my classrooms.

This day is my day "off" from VBS. When I signed on last spring, I had the good sense to ask if there was an "outside" day. I have learned I am not an enthusiastic participator in ropes courses, zip lines, swimming marathons or prolonged exposure to Texas afternoon heat in the summer. Don't judge me: I know my limitations. When I was told Wednesday was The Day, I opted out early and scheduled some contractors to come by for bids. Interrupted by the late breaking opthamologist appointment.

The house remodel continues, and I have long lists of repairs in priority order. The replacement of the 70s Harvest Gold master bathroom counter tops my personal list; tiling of the laundry room floor leads the realtor's advice list. New windows are next, followed by carpet in the bedrooms. When those repairs and replacements are completed, we will have changed every square inch of the house since we moved in in 1999. (And that counter will be changed out. It ranks above "running water" for me right now.) 

I hope I'll be able to scan in the "before" pictures for you, along with the "after", because this house really was a labor of love for Dave. As I continue to try to decide whether to downsize and move, or to stay here, my heart is so drawn to all the custom woodwork he did around our home. It just makes me happy to be here.

That and the fact that the next owner would probably paint neutral colors over everything,(ala TLC's "Moving Up"program, where former homeowners must view what the next owner does to their home), and I think the house needs me to stay here. 

This home remodel has been a real eye opener for me. I've always been a Type A Get it Done kind of person. There is no rushing contractors or workers. They operate on a time continuum that is a new dimension for me. It will get done when it gets done, and I just need to have a happy heart about it. 

Another thing I'm slowly learning is that everything will not be all finished at one time. There will always be one more project; one more repair. Reminds me of the documentary I saw on the Golden Gate Bridge: when the workers finish painting the bridge, they return to the other end and begin painting again. It is a continual work in progress because of the salt water's wearing on the paint. Life is like that, isn't it? No matter how hard we push, it will always be a work in progress. There really will not be a day where we plop down in an easy chair, prop up our feet and proclaim, "Finished!" with all our ducks in a row, all our packages tied in tidy knots or (fill in the blank with the expression you harbor for a finished life's work).

Learning to be content in the journey, and wishing there was a method for itching behind my eyeball. This too will pass.


Lynn said...

I'm so sorry you have pink eye. I had it once when I was a child and it was extrememly uncomfortable, kind of like you have an eyeful of glass pieces if I remember correctly.
I so agree about being sick alone, somehow it's just not fair!! I spent a day in bed a few weeks ago with a terrible headache and hurting everywhere and how I would love to have said to someone, anyone, please get me some Ibuprofen but alas no one was there to hear me or to run for things for me.
I'll be looking forward to seeing your before and after pictures of your home. Love that changing the Harvest Gold comes before running water!!
Hope your eye heals quickly.

Hiteshia said...

Call me I am a good listener. I have kids and they do whine sometimes more than I would like. Sorry about the eye troubles. I get viral conjunctivitis all the time I feel for you. Luca says" I...I...your necklace is cool. Mrs. O'Brien did you have fun in Ireland, ok thats it"