Monday, March 22, 2010

Mundane Musings

I have two cherished friends from high school, and the three of us regularly email each other with the subject title "News of the Mundane". Nothing seems too small to share or comment on, and I love keeping up with the  details of their day-to-day lives from their homes in too-far-away Oklahoma. I've decided to adapt that format for this post, because it will be a little bit of this, a little bit of that, and not a whole lot in the end.
  • Today, one of my six-year-old best friends asked me what time my "bedtime" was. (We are learning to tell time in my first grade classroom.) "Well," I replied, "I usually head to bed around 9:oo pm." His eyes got wide and he said, "Wow. That is amazing that you can go to bed so late and still come to school and be such a good teacher." And here MeMaw thought she was retiring with the chickens.
  • In other school news, the day before Spring Break, my class dwindled to 8 students. (Grades were turned in on Wednesday, Sports Day was Thursday, and Friday do we say it? A good day to start the break early.) I pulled out some centers that only see the light of day once a year; usually the day after Sports Day. Legos, Playmobiles, Happy Meal toys, and Lincoln Logs were among the favorites spread out all over the floor. The Lone 8 students wasted no time sharing this good fortune with the other students upon our return today. Cries of "No Fair!" rang through the room from children who apparently would have traded Disney in California, skiing in Denver or shopping at the Mall of America for a day with toys on the classroom floor. Parents: my toys are now for rent and I know how to save you a chunk of change next time you are planning a vacation.
  • I ran into old friends at the grocery store today, and seeing them brought back so many happy memories. They are the parents of 6  children, and when my son was tiny, he referred to them as the "Lotsa Browns". (This was so as to not  confuse them with another church family of the same last name who only had two children.) Well, 5 of their 6 now-grown children were married within the last two years. I'm thinking if the last son will just take it for the team and marry quickly, they could be offered their own reality series on TLC.
  • I have finally located the phone number for the lawn service Dave used last year. They will be just in time to harvest our weeds before they are mistaken for a Christmas tree farm. I will apologize to my new neighbors who border the jungle side of my lawn when they make eye contact with me again.
  • My married daughter has begun a blog, and a recent post of hers was picked up by the Texas Baptist Children's Home here. Those precious people turned one of the most devastating events of our lives into some of our happiest memories.
Did you notice multiple instances of The Happy here? The fog must be lifting. Maybe Spring is bringing in some new life.


Dawn said...

Every one of your bits of "news" made me smile! So glad you are beginning to see Spring.


Craig Weeks said...

You know what's great about the Internet? I get to read your work and your married daughter's work ... for FREE. You know how I am about the free.