Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Other Right

In first grade, six year-olds can be somewhat directionally challenged. For example, the words, "Put your right hand over your heart for the Pledge," do not guarantee that right hands are over the hearts of those sweet students. I try to give hints like, "It is the hand you write with," except this year I have a large crowd of lefties. Or, "Your left thumb and forefinger make an L for left."

I am full of the tricks of the trade. But, alas, even after 129 days of school (we count them in first grade), I still have to  make corrections with some students daily.

 I was not aware of how ingrained my words were until Friday morning's assembly. This is the way my students closest to me said the Pledge of Allegiance:

"Right hand over your heart. No, your other hand. I pledge allegiance to the flag..."

Hoping that can be unlearned before second grade.

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Anonymous said...

My own kiddos are both lefties and I'm not, so I feel your challenges, too.

Smiling at you from sunny and extremely unprecedentedly warm (80 degrees) eastern PA today!