Sunday, March 7, 2010

What Shape is Your Puzzle Piece?

I've mentioned a time or twenty that I have a problem going back to my church of 14 years. I just feel so overwhelmed being there that I either leave in tears or cry through the entire service. Or both.

I brought this up (again) in my Grief Class on Thursday night. Several people had great suggestions about how to find a church to visit. As they talked, I had an aha! moment: finding the church is not the problem. I think you can find God where ever you are looking for Him. Finding a sense of community is the issue here. I can sit on back rows of various churches forever, but I find that my fog is lifting enough that I really miss relationships at church. But here is the deal: I cannot figure out whether to go to a women's class, a single's class or a couple's class. I don't seem to "fit" anymore.

 "Well," one of my wise and kind new friends in Grief Class said, "why don't you try to find a Sunday School first?" (Or Adult Bible Fellowship, Life Group or whatever-your-church-calls-it.) And the heavens opened and angels sang with an answer that should have been so obvious.

Being an A-type, I started researching online for Sunday School times in the area. I found a church that actually has THREE different sessions of SS: 8:40, 9:40 and 11:00 am to dovetail with their church services. I briefly considered trying one at each of the times today; kind of like Speed Dating my way through classes. My sanity was restored to me as I reminded myself that life is a marathon, not a sprint. I need to pace myself because grief still comes calling at the most unexpected times. I don't need the reality overload regardless of how it looks on paper.

So, heading off to try a class this morning. Fingers crossed, eyes to God.


Dawn said...

Hope you found a good community this morning. I understand (to a small extent) your feelings. We've lived away from family for 13 years now in various states. So, finding a church for us is more than just finding a nice building with all the right programs - it's about finding the right body people who will be our extended family.


Gina said...

Good for you! Another option might be an evening women's study. I'm sure where you live there are community wide ones available. Our church offers studies during the day as well as evenings that are open to all women. I love the intergenerational-ness of these groups and always find someone to connect with. Praying for you along this journey.

Sarah said...

I have made some "heart connections" through my ladies' Bible studies. I went to my first one a couple of years ago and was immediately hooked. I haven't missed a semester since.

V....Vaughan said...

Hey, R...When you get back (funny baggage story, btw:), if you want to come to a Tuesday night small group study LET ME KNOW!!! The group is wonderfully fun, serious Bible students, full of grace... all about our age and mature in the Lord.(the main leader-guys are seminary graduates) I have been away since we moved and really want to go again. WOuld be fun to go with you!...oops...I just looked at Sam's ball schedule...Tuesday games until April 30.....want to go after April?