Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My High Techness

My screen saver has inexplicably begun doing something creepy: it changes images at will. The first time I noticed it was when I was surprised by a large photograph of a seagull I took in Maine. You think everything is big in Texas? You should see Maine gulls. They are the size of small dogs. Think how large they are on a computer screen. Spooky. But, I digress.

When ever I get my laptop out, I find it has played roulette with my photo files and selected a new image for display. It reminds me of HAL, the computer from the movie "2001, a Space Odyssey". My MacBook seems to be playing fast and loose with my controls. 

I know I must "accidentally" have pushed some button to cause this to happen. Probably 95% of what I do on the computer could be labeled the same way. That "accidentally" part. But somehow I manage to socially network without blowing the machine to smithereens. Not bragging--just the facts.

 I also know that I could grab the nearest six year olds and they would know exactly how to remedy this technical glitch. Mainly because their frontal lobes have not developed. They do not know, for example,  that calling up a school district banned website (like that dangerous YouTube) will result in an immediate call from the central office, with sirens and squealing tires soon to follow.  

I kid about the squealing tires. They'd never send out a warning like that; they'd just clip my ethernet.

At least my story is not as bad as the teacher next door. She used her school-issued computer at a hotel on vacation. Somehow she  came home with a file of pics that included several vacations of an Asian family she had never seen before. She can't seem to erase them, but maybe she can photoshop them for her Christmas card. 

Guess I'll just get a bowl of popcorn and enjoy the show until tech support calls me back. Looks like a run of Field Day pics are coming up.  


Dawn said...

Are you on a pc or Mac, and what operating system, version?

Lynn said...

It is so true that your classroom would be full of experts to help you! They have not known life without the computer! My first typewriter wasn't even electric! I don't have a Mac so can't help you. I know how to set my background to do what yours is doing but don't know how to undo yours!!