Saturday, March 20, 2010

Tour of Homes

Perhaps you wonder how my home remodeling is coming. I'm having the entire house "freshened up" as a realtor friend likes to call it. All walls, ceilings and trim painted. All unfinished projects finished. And all prayer going toward the decision of do I stay in a four bedroom home alone or move on to something more manageable for just little old me?

Well, here is the bedroom that was formerly Katy's. It is holding the contents of Chris' former room while it is being painted. Katy is now married and living in Pennsylvania, so I'm feeling like she won't need this room anymore.
Here is the room that was Heather and Emily's. Heather is now a graduate student at Brite Divinity in Fort Worth and Emily is in Washington State studying to be a veterinarian's assistant. The room now holds the contents of the living room as it is being repainted. 
Last but not least, Chris' former room. Where he dumped everything last year before he left for his summer studies in Costa Rica. And where it all still remains in a big pile under a painting tarp. Chris will graduate from Texas State University in May. The piles will be greatly reduced when he has to decide what to keep and what to take with him for his new life. I'm thinking the bank carved from a coconut to look like a monkey (a souvenir of Hawaii) will probably not make the cut to his own future home.
And amidst the remodeling chaos, I am at peace. 

Believing that changes and rearrangements are also being made in my heart. 

And that everything will end up where it belongs.

Including me.


Anonymous said...

You were right when you said your house was looking a little different! Ours looks a little like yours except there are little brown boxes all over the place, with our belongings in them, waiting for a new location. We still don't know the location but God does. I know your house will look great when they are finished!
Love, Patty R.

kstein said...

Oh MY! K&C, H&E finally have NAMES in this blog! :)

I know the house will turn out so great and you will be very glad you did it- even if you just end up staying there. I have found that new paint and finished projects around the house do wonders for the soul...and the sanity! Love you-- miss you momma.

V....Vaughan said...

I feel so much better about MY bedrooms
Thank you for the "green" comment...I enjoy your blog...reading it ALOMST each time you post, but always catching up when you say hello....will we ever meet again for coffee ?