Thursday, December 30, 2010

Did This Cipro Work on Anthrax?

I had great faith in those antibiotics I began taking yesterday. This morning, I followed the Rx's instructions and skipped the caffeine. The day went downhill from there.

I guess I thought I was fine, fine, everything is fine! and decided to drop by my classroom to take care of pressing business. Like re-organizing the classroom library before school starts on Tuesday. Oh, the fun! of returning to the land of second grade. Until the Tylenol wore off, and I found myself laying on the carpet and staring at the ceiling wondering if I could just put all the books in a large basket, and call it a day.

I went home to collapse on the couch and napped while watching daytime t.v. for the first time in years or decades. (I have several observations about that: I recognized characters from General Hospital, and I have not watched it since 1985. Every new show on Oprah's new network is her Favorite! New! Show! Some of Dr. Oz's topics border on creepy. And Nate Berkus seems happily sincere, but unable to carry an entire show.) I fell into a deeper sleep until news was over, and decided I'd better eat or drink something. I drank a large glass of orange juice and belatedly looked to see if it was on the "foods to avoid" with my antibiotics after the fact. Sure enough: calcium enriched o.j. is not on the approved list. Neither is chocolate. I do not want to live in a world without chocolate, so antibiotic: KICK IN. Or else.

Or else I'll be watching a lot of bad daytime TV and I do not (I repeat loudly: DO NOT) intend watching to find out if Snookie is really in that ball over Times Square (like a hamster) on New Year's Eve. Maybe I just hallucinated that odd story in my antibiotic haze. Or maybe Nate Berkus should invite her onto his show to jazz it up a bit.

I also need to get well quickly because I have a date for New Year's Eve. (Settle down, out there: it is at Loyal Sister's house where she is serving king crab legs and our yet unseen "Toy Stories 3" DVD. Living large, but avoiding caffeine and chocolate.)

Anyhoo, four days until seven year-olds return to the classroom. I must be well and able to ingest large amounts of caffeine by then. And get Junie B. Jones, Cam Jansen, and Lilly and her purple plastic purse back on the library shelves.


Anonymous said...

I noticed that too... every new show on Oparah's new line up is HER FAVORITE. The whole network will be her favorite as she OWN'S it!
Get well, crab legs await!

Lynn said...

Sorry you are sick. I laughed at what you said about Oprah's new network. Yesterday I saw the ad, many times, for her favorite new show, always a different one and all her favorite!! I was thinking what you wrote, lol! I also watched Nate Berkus' show for the first time today and didn't even watch to the end. Boring is right!! Hope you are feeling much better very soon!

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

I hope you're feeling better and was able to enjoy your "date." Happy New Year.